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What are you racing this week?

Discussion in 'iRacing' started by Xavier de Carvalho, Jun 17, 2014.

  1. Just state what you'll be racing for that particular week, and when you are most likely to be found online.

    Maybe we can get some more RD members involved, and fill grids with more RD members. Then you can come back here, and have a constructive and positive discussion on how awesome your races were. I think we all know it's maybe not the best idea to comment on a race which took a turn for the worst. But if you feel you're able to do so in a constructive manner, and that you're able to draw out the positives from it, then by all means discuss that race.

    I'd love to see a thriving iRacing community at RaceDepartment, with more active discussions, threads, and members. Let's get our iRacing members involved, and make that happen!

    You can use the following as a guide on how to post in this thread:

    Week number:

    Series/Races I'll be running:

    Time that I'm most likely to be online:

    Comments on my race(s):
  2. Week number: 8

    Series/Races I'll be running: GT3 Challenge

    Time that I'm most likely to be online: Normally around 7-11pm GMT.

  3. I joined about a week ago, so I'm still in the lowest category, racing the Mazda and street stocks. Anyways, progress is... slow to say the least. After quite a few races I'm beginning to figure out how to get through a race (especially oval) without other drivers trying to ruin my SP (which I found, initially, to be very, very hard).

    Had some hilarious moments too; as I finished my last lap on Charlotte Speedway last night, I come around the last corner and there is smoke everywhere. So much so that myself and the guy in front of me couldn't make out where the car was that the smoke was coming from. We spot the car at the last moment (why the driver insisted on staying in the main race area while doing about 40km I will never know) and both do a crazy swerve. Unfortunately I lost control trying to put her straight again, so the other guy ends up whacking my car on the side; after the front right of my nose hits the wall, I bounce to the left, across the grass and over the finish line, spinning like mad till I come to a dead halt. Right. In. My. Pit. And. Facing the right way, complete with the guy holding the brake sign.

  4. I've been on iRacing a lot lately and recently fast tracked to a C road license, enjoying it immensely and I'll be racing both the RUF and the Radical in the coming week. I do miss the banter on the RD teamspeak when on iRacing though so if more people would join TS while on iRacing that'd be great!
  5. I am on week one still, only about 4 days in. I don't really have an interest in oval racing so am doing the road racing. I have not bought any additional content yet so am mostly doing test, practice and time trial runs in Summit Point in the Mazda MX5 Cup at the moment, with the odd quali and planning to run a race in the next couple of days. Lap times have come down to the 1:27s so far so not bad going considering i am a completely newbie to sim racing! I am hoping to time trial a lot over the next few days to push myself up to a 4.00 SR and automatic upgrade to a D licence. Not sure on my ultimate aim, but it will definitely be open wheelers or tourers.

    The scoring system is already bugging me at points, though i do admire the attempt to move towards clean racing rather than a flat out destruction derby. Yesterday, at turn 4 (?) at Summit Point (the hairpin just after the grandstand on the right) i spotted a guy coming up quick in my mirrors so moved off the racing line to out side and went around the hairpin on the very outside, leaving plenty of room for him to take the normal tight line around the turn. Instead, he runs wide, clatter into me side on and knocks me off the track. I get marked down for a collision and for an off track, when i was driving clean and left plenty of space on the racing line for them. Is there any way to appeal these decisions? Just thought I'd ask before something more significant happens!
  6. I'd recommend ranking up on racing instead of TimeTrials, this for a couple of reasons.
    You only get 25% of the SR from TT compared to the same effort in a race.
    You don't learn racing by hotlapping, you learn hotlapping and "best case scenario" racing lines around the track.

    The scoring system can seem unfair at times, completely agree, but once you're out of Rookie and into D lincense you will probably not be that bothered by the occasional "wreck" by someone elses fault. In Rookie you've got all the 1st corner heroes who come from other racing games and just try on some iRacing offer, say 3 months for the price of 1 or such, these rarely keep on playing to progress into D and higher licenses.
    Ofc there's still gonna be the occasional crash where you get penalized for someone elses fault, but it happens more rarely and ive had races with MAJOR crashes, towed to pit, repaired and went out to complete the race and end up gaining a little bit of SR even with the wreck.
    On that last note, do bare in mind that SR is calculated by how many corners you complete without incidents, so if you are involved in something, don't rage quit, that hurts your SR, rather try to finish even if it's dead last, just keep lapping clean laps and you'll be better off.
    Don't try to race a uncontrollable car though, that won't do you (or anyone else) any good! If it's too difficult to drive back to the pits then hold Esc and let the AI tow you.

    Lastly, yes you may protest against a drivers behaviour on track, but be sure that you are protesting someone who rammed you off track in ill will, not someone being too optimistic and loosing control. There are no rules against being stupid sadly :p
    If you protest people who have done nothing wrong several times you might even get a penalty for protesting, so make sure it's worth protesting about!
    There are a set of rules on what is a protestable offence, I'd link them but will have to do later cos I need to work some now :p
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  7. Ohh also, a note on the repairs, sometimes what's noted as "optional repairs" really ain't that optional, I got to experience that the other day in a Radical SR8 race where I only completed the "required repairs" portion and then went back out, but the car was completely undrivable causing me to crash again on the way out of the pitlane ><
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  8. Agree with your points on racing rather than TT. However, as I am completely new to sim racing and bought a Logitech G25, Assetto Corsa and iRacing in the past couple of weeks, I think TT is a good intro for me to learn my boundaries (for the moment) and the dynamics of sim car racing etc. Once I am confident of doing multiple clean laps, which is where I am about now, then I will go racing.

    I recently ran back to back TTs that were about 19 laps each that both only had one 'off track' incidents in each run, making it 38 ish laps with only 2 off track incidents. I think that means I am nearly ready to race, but will run some practice sessions first to get used to being around other cars on track.
  9. Been racing the RUF cup and the World Sportscar Series this week. And i must say some of the driving has been ridiculous.
  10. I can't blame anyone who's running the default setup for bad driving, good god thats a horrendous setup!
  11. Kinduci


    I guess this thread is generally aimed at what car your driving this week, but this week i'm pretty much purely driving Bathurst :)
    Skip Barber official series all week and BSRTC in the kia practice & races on thursday night. Best track on the sevice imo.
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  12. Probably the best track in the world! ^^
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