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What are the realistic aids for default SCE cars

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by Andaru, Jan 15, 2016.

  1. As much as I try to google it or search on these forums, I can not find a list of real life aids used on the default cars in SCE.

    The only one I know of is the lancer cup which have TC and ABS on low because the 1.50 update notes suggested it.

    Does anyone know where I can find this information or if you have a list you can share that would be great! I just want to drive the cars like they do in real life. Thanks!
  2. Warren Schembri

    Warren Schembri

    The Mini's have ABS. You should set it to low when driving them
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  3. ouvert


    I rather go with all off cause I don`t know how much are this aids implemented like cars systems .. and also except one of modern formulas I don`t feel that any of those cars need any help to be driven .. specialy lancer .. but based on regulations:

    Petrobras de marcas: no TC, no ABS, autoclutch
    V8 supercars: no TC, no ABS, manual clutch with cluthing on downshift (heel and toe preferably)
    V8 Stocks: no TC, no ABS, autocluch
    Mini: no TC, ABS allowed, manual clutch
    Formula 3: no TC, no ABS, autocluch
    Vee: no TC, no ABS, manual clutch
    Opala, no TC, no ABS, manual clutch
    Formula Retro: no TC, no ABS, manual clutch

    I don`t recall what else is in game .. pretty much all modern formulas after 1994 are without assist, and with autocluch
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  4. That's a good point about the aids not being implemented like they are in a real car. I never really thought about that. So it still wouldn't be realistic at all even if I did put the same aids as they do in the real car.

    Thanks for the info warren and ouvert! Maybe I will just drive them without aids then. I honestly don't have a problem driving with all aids off, I have been doing it in GSC this whole time anyhow.
  5. ouvert


    But it may be subject devs could elaborate little bit.. Game assist vs car electronic systems
    I assume game assists are just faking it and do not work on physic base like electronic car systems
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  6. I'm gonna agree with you and assume that the game assists are faking it too. I would love to hear what Reiza has to say about the topic as well.

    Maybe in their future game, maybe not Automobilista, but in their brand new game the cars will come with aids that actually effect the car and physics.
  7. ouvert


    aren`t guys at Reiza cool? yesterday we talk about game asists vs car el.systems and today we are told that already in AMS there should be implemntation of car systems :) i know it is coincident but still cool :)
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  8. Or is it coincidence? lol

    Well that's good to hear it will be in AMS. Like I said in my original post. I just want to be able to drive the cars like they do in real life. This is great news! I cant wait!
  9. ouvert


    Just swiping that phone keyboard not really reading auto corrections :) well you get the point anyway
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  10. I wasn't bashing on your spelling, I was just saying maybe it wasn't a coincidence that they decided to announce that car systems would be added to AMS and maybe they decided to talk about it in the interview because we brought the topic up lol.