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What are the popular cars and tracks to race online?

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Kalen Johnson, May 3, 2009.

  1. So I just got GTR Evo a couple days ago, along with my Driving Force Pro about 2 weeks ago, so yes, I am a complete newbie in sim racing :shame:

    So while I practice offline so I don't completely suck, what are some popular car types and tracks that everyone races online? There is a HUGE amount of both in GTR Evo, as compared to say, Live for Speed. But it seems like both need a lot of practice for each car and each track. So I'm just looking for some suggestions of which I can practice on before I get into online racing :party2:

  2. The minis at the club or short tracks are popular and a good place to start off with ;). I was in your exact situation with the exact wheel and game in January too :D. I found it much better practising online, don't worry about bumping people, you just have to be considerate rather than a good drive to avoid people.

    But yeh, just keep practising and don't give up. I can now finally win online races whereas 4 months a go I was always last. Good luck ;)
  3. any preTilke tracks are popular too *wavestheantiTilkefanbanner*
  4. Thanks for the replies. Yeah I was thinking someone a little slower like the Mini's, maybe I'll give those a try.

    @Michael, what are preTilke tracks?
  5. any track befor Hermann Tielke started trackbuilding, most of his tracks are just boring, nothing compared to tracks like Dijon, Watkinsglen, Mid Ohio etc