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What are the names of the RaceDepartment servers?

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Francisca Roele, May 23, 2008.

  1. I signed up for the FBMW FD saturday, and I know what the password is - but not the server name. I've read through several forums/topics and I can't seem to find it. I guessed it would be RaceDepartment, but I couldn't find a server by that name.

    On another topic, seeing how many people use the G25 I gave in and ordered one myself too so it can replace my slightly dysfunct Momo. It's only a €100 more expensive but lightyears ahead.

    It is in backorder though and it should ship next month (26/06). I could order elsewhere and get it right away but they were far more expensive. I'm paying about €225 rather than the €299 - that's just too much of a difference.

    This will work out nicely though. Now I can bring my Momo to our home in Zaandam so I can diss the DriveFX (xbox 360) and hide err I mean use my G25 at my own place. Uhm, no I haven't told him yet. Sssh.
  2. We call them:

    RaceDept.com #1
    RaceDept.com #2
    RaceDept.com #3
    RaceDept.com #4


    RaceDepartment.com #1
    RaceDepartment.com #2
    RaceDepartment.com #3
    RaceDepartment.com #4

    and for special events we name them the same but add aditional things like Mini Cup, PreQual etc. Hope this helps Fran :)
  3. Thanks Sascha. I figured it must've been those names but I just wanted to make sure. Is it possible to add favorites in the lobby of Race 07?
  4. Honestly I don´t know about bookmarks from within the lobby. Maybe someone else does know it. I know in ARCA it´s possible. Someone please answer her question please? Thanks :)
  5. may be in "filter list"...?
  6. Yeah I guess the filter would work. All I need to put there then is "RaceDep". Thanks Degreef.
  7. np... you welcom... :)