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What am I doing wrong?

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Oneilnufc, Jun 30, 2011.

  1. Hi all, sorry if this has been asked before...I'm currently on career mode and have just finished monza and now onto Singapore, I find both of these tracks when accelerating out of the slow corners my car just spins out like crazy. I'm guessing I'm hitting the throttle to early or something. Is there any setup that can combat this? I've tried delaying hitting the throttle but it's losing me too much time (not as much as spinning out admittedly) the AI just seem to pull away when I do this. Thanks in advance
  2. You can try the setup found on the setup forum. There are some pretty good setup there.

    Or you can download the setup i've done (with credit listed in the link, to the original author that i use their setup as a base and adjust to suit Career mode).


    My Setup on Monza is pretty stable through all corners where you can almost full throttle out of corner exit as long you avoid some curbs. For my Singapore setup, i'm really really happy with the set as i find they can be improved which i've done using a mercedes car. Will post that in the next few days.

    You can give it a try.
  3. Are you trying to accelerate and turn out of the corner at the same time? Once you hit the apex you want to be going as straight as possible, and only get on the power once you feel the back end 'lock in', since large steering inputs require extra grip from the tyre it can't give you while accelerating. This is why the racing line is generally on the opposite side of the track to the upcoming corner, and the exit line is through the apex to the far side in as straight a line as possible - try it with the braking line to see if the recommended line is the one you're taking.

    Other than that there are various setup options that can help with low speed corners, but I've not had a real crack at Singapore yet, so all I could give are general rules of thumb - I'm sure there's someone here who can help more in that regard though.
  4. Really it depends also on how you are playing, joypad, keyboard or with a wheel and pedals. it sounds like your issue is with throttle control, this is easiestly done with a wheel. Ease into the gas gradually coming out of the tricky corners, don't just floor it; especially if you are playing with TC off. If you aren't playing with a wheel, try the TC if its giving you too much of a headache. Real drivers don't drive with joypads, not shame in cutting a few corners if you will enjoy the game more.
  5. Set yout suspension higher than 1/1 (I'm using 3/4 on Monza and it's working well).

    I hate Singapore... Higher suspension is not working as well as on Monza, so I'm just avoiding curbs all the time. Someone more experienced with this track would help you much more than me.
  6. Andrew Bortz

    Andrew Bortz

    As others have already said its about how you take the corners, they aint all the same soe have curbs that if hit wrong will unbalance the car and make it easier to spin out.

    Monza is a tricky one probably the one I struggle with the most I still run over the curbs but its a fine line on where you want the curb to go under you car hit it dead center and the whole car gets shifted off the track meaning any throttle you have on will turn into a spin on exit unless your going dead straight,,,, which often leads to a gravel pit.... The only real way of perfecting it is practice, find yourself a generic starting point of a setup that works everywhere you go that way you have a car that reacts the same everywhere you go and you dont have to drive differently to each setup chosen. Next is then dial in those setups little tweaks at a time to find out if you go over a curb and it spins out easier then go the other way witht he setup (but make sure it still works with the rest of the track as your better off struggling with 1 corner than all the others.

    Other than that its all practice practice practice.
  7. Hi all thanks for replying, I'll give your ideas a go later, I'm using a Logitech GT wheel and pedals. I think my problem is probably just slamming the throttle to the floor instead of easing onto it. I've started using the racing line (corners only) and this is helping a little bit. I'm going to do a few practice laps now and see how I get on. I'll keep you's posted...

    P.S how the hell do you get a good start on this game?
  8. That's your problem. :cool:

    Now that you know what the problem is, you need to fix it.
    (which isn't always so easy when you are in the heat of a battle)
  9. Andrew Bortz

    Andrew Bortz

    Practice the different revs in different conditions.
  10. Try this:
    it will allow you to have better control over how much throttle you use. Next best thing to using G25 pedals.

    At the race start you need to hold the revs so that about 3/4 of the lights are on on the steering wheel (this is about 12000 rpm I think). When the start lights go out you need to apply more throttle gradually to avoid wheelspin but not too slow or you will get a bad launch. Like Andrew said, lots of practice!. Another thing is to not use fuel sim since the Ai are not affected by it the same way you are which means they always fly away at the start.