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What about a dynamic racing line?

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by Felonious_Monk, Nov 1, 2014.

  1. Are there any plans on implementing a dynamic racing line in this game or more options for it?
    Codemasters F1 games have dynamic racing lines or corners only. It would be great to see something like that in AC. What do you all think?
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  2. Connor Caple

    Connor Caple
    Slowest Racer in Town...

    I think Dynamic Racing Lines are a good feedback system for representing G-Force, for those of us who drive real cars and want to know how much grip we should be 'feeling' in the sim.

    They still let you push it a bit further than the Sim thinks you should, which can result in a nice fast line through a corner, or a quick stop in the tyre wall, according to how 'red' you want to push that line. *chuckles*

    I miss g-force in sims, since it all has to be visual rather than seat-of-the-pants or inner ear like real racing.
  3. racing lines are for the weak, they are a crutch you will never get better if you use them. they should have never been created.
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  4. It's not the matter who's 'weak' or who's 'strong' on the track.
    Some drivers don't instinctively take the normal racing line. The option for a dynamic one to be displayed may help them.
    As part of the sim-racing community, we and you should encourage every possibility for less experienced drivers to improve. Some of those people may share the track with you - it's in your interest as well.
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  5. Thats a ridiculous statement. People use them to learn tracks without running off the track every two seconds. They learn braking points, etc then turn it off when they are confident in their ability on the circuit. At least thats how I use them....
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  6. I have no problem with games offering a racing line that can be toggled on/off. I don't know why anyone would be offended by that option, same with corner markers as long as they can be toggled on/off. I think dynamic racing lines are more advanced than the static line that AC offers currently. I assume its just tougher to program since it has to factor your actual speed and grip so it probably wasn't a priority.
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  7. Me neither. Have the options there to use or not. I prefer not to due to the fact that you don't get them in real life. Trust me, I could have used one last time I did a trackday at Portimao.
    Each to their own, freedom of choice. Use the aid or not. Use Teamspeak or not. Personally I also think that some more of the aids should be allowed in the RD club races too. Like low stability etc, just to give some nooby racers the ability to learn the craft and stay on track and compete. I feel that sometimes they can be put off by racing that is too hard.
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  8. It's not a weakness thing, it's about learning how to drive a sim. If you try to follow the line on screen, you;ll never learn how to really drive a racing line. Because of slip angle, you can't turn in or track out where the line actually is- you turn in early, the momentum of the car brings you onto that line but your car is not quite pointing in that direction (the amount depends on the car and tires). So though a dynamic line (I assume you mean that painted line through corners) can give you an idea of how to take the corner, it's a bad crutch to use.

    Also, that line will change according to the car and tires you are using and so the line painted on the corner is only accurate for one car and tire or at best one class of car. Every other different type of car and tire combo will have a slightly different line and so you will most likely always be racing on the wrong line. There is a huge difference between types of cars- open wheel, low DF, high DF, GT, retro high power, modern muscle, slicks, street tires etc. The line is different for all of them.

    The other problem is that someone worse at racing than you are may have decided where that line should be. A human determined where that path for that line should be and though it can be assumed the person is a knowledgeable as a game dev who is familiar with the game, you can never get better than the dude who painted that line on if you don't find your own way around.
  9. If used as a crutch, it will fail. If used as stroller and then discarded, it becomes a learning tool.
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  10. using it to learn a track is one thing, racing against other with it is another, ive seen to many people follow it religiously and take people out because of it. you'll only get better without it.

    its like training wheels on a bike, you'll never get the confidence unless you take them off.
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  11. William Wester

    William Wester

    The same can be said for a track map, the map and racing line are good to become familiar with new tracks but once the track is memorized I turn them both off and use the normal visual cues for racing. With that said, the map and racing line are just visual cues, no different than track side objects or track visuals, if someone wants to use those cues I don't see a problem - unless they strictly adhere to the racing line as it may not be the fastest cue to follow.
  12. I like the solution of R3E where you can import the racing lines of the people who did the best time on a track!
  13. I would like this, this can actually help you get faster.
  14. The map is VERY useful to know at a glance what is going on behind/around you. By removing it you just increase the likelihood you will contact with someone else, ruining yours and someone's else race.
  15. That's in R3E? I had no idea. Wow.
  16. William Wester

    William Wester

    That's what I use the "mirrors" for.
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  17. It's useful for quickly learning new circuits, but they're seldom accurate especially braking zones. Down to personal preference, but I think everyone should be encouraged not to be 'lazy' once they know a circuit and should try not use them - it's a lot more satisfying (for me) driving without, but as I said personal preference.

    In answer to the original post, I agree that if I was to use the racing line I would prefer the dynamic one like Forza and F1, but I can imagine that it would take a lot of coding and I would rather Kunos focus on new circuits, cars and resolving issues especially delivering a retail product that multi-player actually works using their minimum hardware spec.
  18. Does the OP mean a dynamic rubber racing line?
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  19. I am glad to hear your mirrors have no blind spots.
  20. I was wondering that to, glad I wasn't alone :)
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