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what a toad...

Discussion in 'iRacing' started by Joe Hubbard, Dec 9, 2010.

  1. I just got out of a race, and this guy had already been in one accident ok. I just let him pass me so he didn't take me out as well. So he gets into the car that was in front of me before he passed and causes him to spin, and he goes way off track too. So he comes flying back accross the track and gets back on on the left side. So I go to the right and have more than double the speed he does. Thinking I'm clear he pulls directly into me causing us both to crash. Then to top the whole thing off comes on comms and yells you idiot. I ask him did you call me an idiot and was replies yes I did. I proceeded to tell him I had twice the speed and more than 3/4 the track to pass him on. So whos the idiot... He didn't say anything else but cost me -16 points on my license. I for one will be very happy to get out of this license range per say and just hope that the higher you go the better the people are and not just driving wise. I mean seriously, this other gent and I went through turns 1, 2, 3, and 4 side by side and never touched each other and Laguna. It's not that hard if you pay attiention right? I chickened out after turn 4 and let him by...lol... I have to say though that I have met some really great people so far and alot of courteous people as well.
  2. Wherever you go there is the odd lunatic about. What you describe is less frequent the higher you go. I was in an F1 race the other evening and had a car gradually closing in on me and then seemed to back off every other lap. He eventually caught me and was weaving left and right trying to force me into a mistake. I let him pass and then overtook him 1 lap later while he was in the kitty litter. Clearly the backing off was him making mistakes because he was pushing to hard.
  3. I was doing my second ever race yesterday, my first rookie oval race, and me and this guy were going around at the start behind the safety car side by side at the back of the grid while he swerved left to right manically like he was in an F1 car on the warm up lap. When we got the green flag he immediatley dived across the track for the inside line before we even hit the first corner and smashed me off and into the wall. Annoying! :(

    He made loads more mistakes though so I lapped him and managed to limp to the end.
  4. Kevin Ascher

    Kevin Ascher
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    Forget the Legends chegu07 ;)
    These races are crap, lots of annoying kids around.
  5. The legends are fun, but it can be very dangerous. To many cars on a very small track. If you can avoid the trouble in the first few laps then you may stand a chance. Always qualify.
  6. I was doing legends because I was rubbish in the mazda :) Still practicing for that.