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Wets/Inters AI Tyre Wear

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by Dylan Hember, Oct 1, 2011.

  1. Dylan Hember

    Dylan Hember

    When its a wet race and i have the Wets or Inters on, in my Career (Expert, 50% races) i always have to pit due to tyre wear where as the AI can last the whole race on 1 set!

    Has anyone else had this?

    Its quite annoying,
  2. Donone84


    Same problem here, on PS3. Yesterday did a 100% race at sepang. Started to rain when we had 25 laps left, switched to inters, and with 6 laps to go, they where totally gone, did finish with this set though, ended 15th in Williams, but the inters from the AI looked al shiny and brand new. No way the've pitted twice for this nor any degrading on their tires. Pff, makes me sick. It's a pretty good game for me so far, except from this.
  3. Chris

    Administrator Staff Premium

    I've had a similar problem on the PC. 100% race at Nurburgring, starting on Inter's and was on the same set for the next 31 laps ---> had to manage them like a B****. And the AI's tyres looked in perfect condition. However, i think i noticed their performance dropping off at a similar rate to mine, maybe a little slower. But TBH its not a huge issue, and its been the most enjoyable game ive played in years (head and shoulders above 2010), and hopefully the upcoming patch fixes this and a couple more issues.
  4. cyox


    i've had a ton of wet races and it seems to depend by track. i assume by the ones that are harder on tyres. as I've had several like you guys race saying where i was painfully off the pace at the end.

    Last night did 2nd race in Malaysia in my second season(50%) and it was heavy rain all race. I started pole and finished first by not pitting and changing tires. Alonso, Vettel, Webber, and Hamilton all pitted with 7 or 8 laps to go. None of the midpack or read guard teams pitted. The ones who did pretty much split on finish. Alonso and Hamilton took 2nd and 3rd but the rest fell back behind the mercs and saubers.

    They definitely had performance drop on par with mine with the tire wear. Perhaps the weather changed and i just didn't notice it/hear the engi call it to me during the race as i haven't really seen it happen other than that one instance.
  5. Stevie



    It seems the problem is only with the inters. Where the AI doesn't suffer any tyre wear. The full wets are fine.