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Wet tires wear out too fast?

Discussion in 'F1 2013 - The Game' started by masklin, Oct 6, 2013.

  1. So, this frustrating thing has been happening:

    After the 1st race in my (new f12013) career, I got to Malaysia, where, as expected, the race is in wet conditions. Actually, it's so wet, that the whole race I struggle for grip and in all the pit stops I have to take wet tires.
    The problem is that the wet tires wear out way too fast. I'm playing with the 50% race distance and the tires only last for 7 laps! This means that in the 28-laps race, I have to change the tires 3 times (so technically 4 sets of different tires), but because of the FIA real life regulations, and a glitch of the game, at my last pit stop I have no fresh tires left, so I have to get some old wet tires, which are completely worn out! I literally cannot finish this race without retiring. I already tried it 5 times, with different settings (also enabling ABS and traction control, hoping this will help in any way) with no results. I can't change the race distance (thanks for that Codemasters) anymore, after already starting the championship with that settings and obviously, the AI has absolutely no grip/tire problems at all!
    Does this happen to you as well, or is it just my driving style?
    Also, the new fuel system is driving me nuts! Even when choosing the "cautious" approach, there is not enough fuel for the whole race just driving with standard revs settings. It's extremely frustrating that the AI has no such problems, and actually can switch to maximum revs without having to slow down afterwards!
  2. I just have finished my Sepang race in wet conditions and have the same problem. Well, I have not finished the race because when there were 2 laps to finish it, my tyres were extremely worn and was no grip for me. It was impossible to drive the car, and the car could not accelerate because of the lack of grip...

    I was running first when my tyres went down and finally I had to retire of the race. Frustrating yes, very frustrating... And of course, the AI had no problems...:mad:
  3. I confirm that, they only last for 3-4 laps.
  4. There ****:cry:
  5. I also had the same problem, tires wearing out with 5 laps, and since there are only 3 sets available with one already used at qualification, I could barely finish a 25% race.
  6. I've just did 35 laps on a set of wet tyres at Montreal. The I pitted and did another 35 laps on a new set of wets.
    On a 25% race you should pit halfway through the race this is because the tyre scaling works as it does
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  7. Dear Friends, yesterday I finished my 1st season in F1 2013 Career mode with Williams, AIs Professional, no driving assists, 25% distance. I won 16 races of the season. In the rest races too many bugs (e.g. in Singapore and in Spain, under wets conditions, the AIs, did not pit), occured, preventing me of winning.

    Red Bull signed me for next season. Now the things turned to be totally different. I have finished the first 3 races, with P1 in qualifying and P1 in Race. The dirrefence to the second car, is a...century...40-60 seconds in every race. There is NOT massive tyre wear to either Wets or Drys. I assume, this happends because i now drive for Red Bull and not for Williams any more.