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Wet set up

Discussion in 'Presto GP' started by Anthony Ishak, Feb 16, 2011.

  1. Sorry to get this to you so late, I just got to read this post from Vale..

    I would do the same if i knew the whole race would be wet so i could create a wet race setup, but since we might have variable weather then you need to have something that works for both .

    Daniel normally posts his final forecast the evening before the race , and what i normally do in this situation and based on last year experience with variable weather is that i run the exact race setup that i have prepared myself well for dry race and that i am totally familiar and happy with and then adjust/ touch those few settings that do not upset the overall balance or the handling of the car ... what people normally do is that if Daniel forecast asks for a chance of rain they start last minute changing their setup to suite wet track and then with little experience with the handling of this new setup they feell like if the car does not belong to them and they start doing lots of mistakes during the race..

    here is what i normally do last minute if i have prepared myself for dry track and Daniel forecast says that might be a variable weather... - if there is no wet server available i go on the off-line track and chose the " rain" option and i run my race setup with race fuel for 10 laps and see what the car is doing..then i go to pit and start changing one setting of the below mentioned , one at a time and every time i change one setting i go out and do 5 laps and see what the car is doing.

    1 - i definitely change the brake pressure to 88% or 86% ..
    2 - i might need to move the brake balance to the rear only if i see that the car is locking wheels , otherwise i do not touch it.

    3 - i reduce the tire pressure with couple of clicks only for those tyres that stay blue that i can see on the real time telemetry , you might not need to reduce the pressure if the are green .

    4 - i increase the gear ratio only if i normally run with short first gear or if i feel that the car is easy to spin wheels under acceleration, i normally run with medium long gears and i rarely touch this setting.

    5 - i normally keep the same wings setting as it is, but if i see that the car is slightly understeering then i only reduce the rear wing with one click only, you will lose more time on wet if the car understeer since the car will go strait and it will take you longer time to make the turn.
    6- i do not touch any of the other settings, camber, caster, toe in, antiroll, coast preload etc... so i do not get any surprises during the race...

    all these settings has a minimal effect on the overall car balance that you are used to on dry track , so if you are happy with these new settings on wet then you wont get any weird behaviour from your car when the track changes from dry to wet, you just get faster and faster...

    it did work well for me last season, and to be honest it is less work to do then to start changing many things last minute with little practice , but you might have better idea then mine and would be great if we could share them :)

    good luck guys tomorrow...


  2. sorry i forgot to attach my wet set up..

    it is actually based on the previous race setup number 1, 4/29 with the wet changes, you might notice that i have changed the rear springs and the rear antiroll but i did not change that to suit the wet track , i just followed Reik idea to shift the stifness from the rear antiroll to the springs.


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  3. Thanks Anthony a nice run through. :)
  4. Thanks Anthony! Will check your wet setup tonight before the race.
  5. Valerio Vinassa

    Valerio Vinassa
    PrestoGP Veteran

    THANKS MATE really appreciated your tips:)

    PS never to late:wink:
  6. Reik Major

    Reik Major
    Premium Member

    Very helpfull piece of text, Thony! :wink: Thank you very much!

    It's allways good to learn something new.

    This could be true. That's why I take the exact dry setup and do some laps in the wets to know how to drive it. That's it!

    Only if the forecast would definately mean damp or wet conditions, I'd make changes. This worked good for me last season and I remember that in all the damp races at Interlagos, Singapore and Hockenheim it worked very well with dry setup.
  7. Same here. Unless you know for certain that it'll rain hard all along the race, it's better to keep your dry setup and learn to drive with it in the wet. If I remember, you didn't even change your tires in Hockenheim, and started with slicks. You were slower than the people with intermediate, but not that much, until the track started to dry up..
  8. Reik Major

    Reik Major
    Premium Member

    yeah that's right - was a gamble and i was lucky :)

    also in damp Singapore and Interlagos I used slicks... never used intermediates last season
  9. Valter Ostman

    Valter Ostman
    PrestoGP Veteran

    On some bumpy tracks like Istanbul or wet conditon I experiment with a bit higher bump and lower rebound in the setup I choose. I feel like I get a more predictable behavior that way. I may lose a bit in overall grip at the same time.