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Wet Malaysian Qualification Round-Up

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by RaceDepartment, Mar 23, 2013.

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  2. looks like red bull knew what they were doing and vettel was top at exactly the right moment. wonder what the anti-vettel guys will say this time: luck? preferential treatment? dark matter? since i'm not a particular f1 fan, i don't much care either way, but looking in from the outside, it seems as if he (vettel) knows what needs to be done and at what time.
  3. yeah I agree RedBull knew what they were doing, but It favoured Vettel and not Webber which is why he was raging I guess.

    The guys commentating did say something, but I missed it due to writing stuff down...
    The mrs did ask why I had a notepad through the whole of qualifying - I wouldn't of remembered a quarter of what I put here if I didn't lol.

    But yes, Red Bull did very well to get Vettel in and out and get pole. Or maybe it was Vettel... who knows
  4. This is wrong:

  5. Raikkonen only did one run though?

    Apologys if it is! I'll watch the qualifying again at 1pm and see.

    Your right about the Ferrari's though

    So ignore "Vettel was the ONLY driver"
  6. Bram

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    I should have stayed up all night: overslept and missed the qualy :(

    Thanks for the results. Great P2 for Massa!
  7. Update to the results:

    Kimi Raikkonen has been handed a grid penalty by the stewards. Which drops him down to 10th.

    The grid now looks like this:
    Top 10 qualifiers:
    1. Sebastian Vettel (Ger), Red Bull – 1min 49.674secs
    2. Felipe Massa (Bra), Ferrari – 1:50.587
    3. Fernando Alonso (Spa), Ferrari – 1:50.727
    4. Lewis Hamilton (GB), Mercedes – 1:51.699
    5. Mark Webber (Aus), Red Bull – 1:52.244
    6. Nico Rosberg (Ger), Mercedes – 1:52.519
    7. Jenson Button (GB), McLaren – 1:53.175
    8. Adrian Sutil (Ger), Force India – 1:53.439
    9. Sergio Perez (Mex), McLaren – 1:54.136
    10. Kimi Raikkonen (Fin), Lotus – 1:52.970 (3 PLACE GRID PENALTY)
  8. The penalty was awarded for impeding Nico Rosberg's lap in Q3.

    Source: SkySportsF1
  9. If Kimi has a hydraulics problem, I wonder if that means he will have to start from the pitlane if they fix it.
  10. Of course, leave it to me to make excuses for Hamilton, but if he hadn't had gear selection problems at the start of HIS last lap (remember, he had just set the then fastest time and was the last one of the fast runners on track), I think he might have claimed pole. The moron commentators (Varsha, Hobbs, Matchett) had the same video feed I watched of Hamilton fumbling to find the right gear(s), but apparently were too busy talking to take notice. Even losing all that time at the beginning of that last lap, he was still only 2 sec off Vettel's time. Then Hobbs suggested Hamilton made a "booboo"... What a lovable idiot. Almost as lovably clueless as one Murray Walker...
  11. Could you expand on the gear selection problems a bit? We only saw the end of the lap (onboard)
  12. Right after Hamilton set the then fastest time of 1:51.nnn, the video feed switched to a shot of Hamilton's cockpit. I was disappointed to hear that he had backed off. You could HEAR that the revs were dropping, and he wasn't even close yet to the braking area for Turn 1. My first thought was that he'd decided not to attempt another hot lap, but then I noticed he seemed to be flicking BOTH paddles, and that gave me the idea that maybe the car had jumped OUT of gear and he was trying to find the right one in a problematic gearbox. I jumped back to Brazil 2007, when the same sort of gear selection problem robbed him of the WDC.
  13. Or was that cockpit shot right after Hamilton set the 1:51 of Rosberg instead, being balked by Kimi??? Maybe I was fooled by the similar yellow helmets.
  14. Wish I hadn't already deleted Qualifying from my DVR, so I could take another look at that cockpit shot to see if it was of Lewis or of Nico! Anybody else able to check that? Right after Lewis posts the 1:51 that was the fastest at the time.
  15. No idea, but if you can remember what gloves was seen we would know who it was.

    Black gloves - Hamilton
    Yellow gloves - Rosberg
  16. I remember seeing that, I'm sure it was Hamilton.
  17. Nope, Just double checked the highlights video and it's on there, it's Rosberg at the end of the final straight before the final turn, getting space... Here's a pic with a name too - if it is the same one?


    Hamilton had literally just crossed the line and the camera cut to Rosberg - If this is the same one btw lol

    If I post the photos in here it messes the article page up so they are just links :)
  18. Scot said that he started to lower the revs before turn 1, that pic of Rosberg was before the last corner. It was Hamilton who just finished his lap then slowed.
  19. Yeah unfortunately the video cuts straight to Rosberg after he crosses the line - then as Rosberg slows and then goes again it cuts to The Lotus of Kimi Raikkonen - Sorry chaps wrong clip then I guess, my apologys :)
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  20. You're right, it WAS Nico (yellow gloves) slowing down near the end of the back straight (to give himself space for his last flyer?), NOT Lewis slowing before the end of the front straight. So I was wrong. Lewis' inters must just not have had enough grip left to take advantage of the drier conditions on his last lap.
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