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West McLaren-Mercedes - Collab by SK Racing & ML2166

Discussion in 'F1 2011 Mods' started by SK Racing, May 3, 2012.

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  1. now that is amazing! I appreciate it even more since I am currently struggling to learn myself!

  2. WAWWW, amazing, man!!!:roflmao: Many thanks for my favorite McLaren livery, in Monaco will look awesome with the super-soft.:inlove:
  3. Cool. My second favorite McLaren livery...right behind the MP4/4.

    I see Mika's helmet in the screenshots. Will that be part of the download?
  4. Sweet
  5. This is just so cool.Thanks!
  6. Very Very nice guys nice work.....DC would like a go in this again Im sure.
  7. It's not part of the download. I will fix some parts and then it will be available seperately.
  8. Holly sh**:roflmao: ... I love this mclaren in past thanks mate great job... ;)
  9. mydriaz


    One of my favorite Mclaren livery too !
    Thank you for sharing.
  10. The helmet Mika Hakkinen will be?
  11. can you upload in mediafire??
  12. yes please

  13. Here you go: http://www.mediafire.com/?68a6fop5gsvqpyp

    Check out my HD Helmets thread. I finished his helmet, so it will look much better ingame than on the one the screenshots above. :)
  14. West McLaren - SK Racing, Feat ML2166.
  15. Good night

    His work is almost perfect, missing only the painting of boxes and uniforms pilots and mechanics with the sponsorship of the WEST.

    To help, I'll provide some suggestions of ancient and beautiful cars.

    Marlboro Mclaren
    Williams 87
    Penske 2012 (Shell) St. Petersburg
    Ferrari 2007 or 2008

    Thanks in advance
  16. Oh yea, they don't have enough work so they will do 4 cars that you like...
  17. /\
  18. Great Work ! Just awesome !!
    How much time you spending on it ?

    PS: from witch year is the McLaren ?
  19. Good question... Definitely many, many hours! :-D ML2166 was so kind to help me with some details and especially the specocc-file. Otherwise we wouldn't have this beauty. :)

    The livery is based on the original one from 2005.


    We only used a couple of different sponsors.