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Wellington Street Circuit

Discussion in 'Team ORSM' started by Richard Coleman, Feb 10, 2010.

  1. Hello there guys.

    After the new mod has been released could someone possibly look at making the iconic Wellington street circuit? I have alot of interest in this track so PLEASE???

  2. from what iv seen is there is one someware
  3. Where did you find it?

    P.S Sorry for off topic guys.
  4. Yeah but I think that is a fantasy track in the UK, and not the one in NZ
  5. Hey Devil, are you referring to the proposed track to replace Puke that Hamilton actually now has, or are you actually after Hamilton?
  6. I'm referring to the NZ one. I'm after the 2006 proposition B or the 1980's version. Already got Hamilton.

  7. mines from filestube
  8. If you mean the Wellington Street race around the waterfront, I agree would be good to have but I've never seen it anywhere.
  9. i have seen one, somewhere. i will try track it down. i think the one that i have seen isnt finished though. i will get back to you guys

    ok just found it again, its on a new zealand sim racing website, um its unfinshed still(started posting info in 06!!!!) and is also in GPL format(screen shots of an old single seater sliding around between the armco, with track looking good but unfinished buildings). reading it and the modder has sent files out and someone is doing a conversion to rfactor(jan 10). maybe one day, but its sort of close.
  10. Damn it. I was hoping there was one out there already. Hey ORSM boys. Any chance of making this for your fans out there once you've had a well deserved break from your new mod?
  11. Let me assure you.. There will be no ORSM Wellington track produced while there is still other V8Supercars real tracks that aren't available.
  12. Bit of a tease really but its a simple start
  13. Holden 51

    I'm absolutely want it when it's done. It looks like it's going to be a good track. Got any more pics you could post for it?


    Yeah I know. I can't wait to get into ORSM tracks. The detail is immense. Also can't wait for the new mod :D
  14. Im up in wellington next weekend so hopefully ill get a better sence of where things are aye....at the moment im doing turns 1,2,3,4 and down to town hall corner