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Well well well what to do now

Discussion in 'iRacing' started by Joe Hubbard, Apr 17, 2011.

  1. So I'm am 100% content now as of tonight so I guess that gives me no other choice but to really see what I like the most...lol...:confused:
  2. Very nice Joe, that took you no time at all. Now you will have the same problem I have as in which car to race any given week. The week sure gets short when you try to race 3 or more cars.
  3. I did a very small test with the new cars I got last night here is my review... hehehe

    1. Silver Crown - in game at Indy = very cool, fast little car, not that hard to control at indy.
    2. Sprint Car - Wow that thing is on the verge of kicking you butt every second... lol
    3. Modified - in game at Bristol = full throtle around the was a bit wierd but the others in the practice seemed how should I say "uptight"... haha
    4. Jetta - haven't run it yet.

    The cars that I have run again since getting the new wheel such as the Vette, F1, Skip are flippin great~! I actually kept up with the faster times in the Vette on road america and love the sim even more now. I have got to find more time to race, but this dang job has too many darn hours a week.
  4. Is that really the case though, Considering there is only ONE track to race on for the entire week per car?
  5. Yeah, but, its about finding the time to practice the different cars at the different track...remember its three different cars at three different track all requiring practice and then you need to pick suitable race times so you can find time to race them.
  6. Richards right, if I want to make it the race distance and have a somewhat decent race then I need to practice and not like 30 mins before the race. I'm not saying it can't be done, but I tend to get better results when I focus on one or two cars. I will still hop in some of my other rides if they are running at a track that I like and have the time. Next season I will switch it up and pick two others.
  7. Lars Strijdonck

    Lars Strijdonck
    Six by nine. Forty two.

    Funny i had the same feeling to when i got 100% :) what to race what to do now.....
    Now that both licenses are up to A i have the same again. I can race it all, but i keep finding it hard to find motivation to race the iracing system.

    Think I just stay with the hosted events for now, might find some goals in the near future :)
  8. yeah I do intend on picking a few cars that I like the most and really sticking with them. The new wheel is really giving me more control with the cars that I couldn't seem to drive before. Such as I got in the Skippy race last night and pulled a third place finish from the back of the grid. I really like the Vette now that I can drive it and be somewhat at the front of the pack...lol... I'm still a couple seconds off the pace of the really fast guys but I think as I get use to it all I'm hoping to catch those guys. I also intend on really learning how to set up my own rides once I choose the series I'm going to run the most.

    I know I'll be trying to run the F1 and I think the setups for that will be a trail by fire but I think it will be a blast to figure out.