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Weired reputation requirement

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Iulian Cezar, Jun 20, 2011.

  1. So before I finished season 2, the following reputations were required.
    Force India 29
    Williams 31
    Renault 31

    Now in mid season 3, Force India dropped to 22, Renault and Williams stayed 31 and Mercedes GP requires 35 over Red Bull which only requires 34 :eek:

    Funny thing is it's definetly not based on current season standings, because Force India right now is 5th in overall constructors, with almost same points as Mercedes GP, yet, they require 22 vs 35, and Williams barely has 2 points, being 9th and require 31 reputation.

    Torro Rosso also dropped from 15 Reputation req from Season 2 to 13 this season, yet they are 6th overall, below Force India.
  2. It depends of where the team finished last season(in which tier). So the required reputation is based on that result.
  3. It can't be.
    Williams finished barely in any points (so 8th or 9th) and they still require 31, while Force India was one of the best in 6th I think (5th was Torro Roso (me), 4th Mercedes and the usual top 3) and their requirement dropped from 29 to 22
  4. I don't understand why William's Rep requirement is so high in this game. It's as if CM does not want people driving for the team.

    I am in my 2nd season driving for HRT and pretty soon I will need to look to other opportunities. I don't want to go the rival route as I doubt I will have the Rep points to stay with a team more than one year. I could always go to Toro Rosso or Sauber, but I am not so sure I would see that much of an improvement in those teams. I would like to go to Williams because of their history, but I suspect I will come up a point or two short by season's end.

    Question: is the Force India pit bug only for online play? I was searching some threads last night and all I saw was references to the pit bug only occurring during online races. Force India has a better car than Williams and yet their Rep requirements are lower (within my range). Go figure.
  5. Probably because it is a british team.

    Anyway, they should scrap reputation system in 2011 - it is so unfair when you win WDC with Ferrari and no contract is offered. Contracts should be more than a year, and they should only sack you if you are failing to meet their objectives.
  6. williams is a pretty legendary team, been in it over 30 years 9 constructors champs 7 wdc's