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Weird rating system?

Discussion in 'iRacing' started by Bram, Jul 19, 2010.

  1. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    Just finished a rookie race in the amazing Solstice on Limerock. Though i finished pretty good without making any errors I get a rating of +0.21 after the race while somebody else behind me with a higher rating gets rewarded with +0.50.

    Whats the logics behind this?

  2. I know , do not understand that system
  3. He got enough SR to go above 3, when you do that you get a 0.4 boost so you don't keep going between the levels, same happens if you go below you lose 0.4.
  4. Dave Stephenson

    Dave Stephenson
    Technical Administrator Staff Premium

    thats actually a pretty smart idea.
  5. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    I am now on 2.97 after the race i have just finished, so ill get a firm boost in the upcoming race in 20 minutes too? :D
  6. Dave Stephenson

    Dave Stephenson
    Technical Administrator Staff Premium

    I guess so :)

    On a side note, without trying to hijack too much, is it actually any good?
  7. That is, of course, you get positive points out of your race. I was at 2.97, did a race and got caught up in an accident that wasn't my fault, and fell 14 points. I was sooooo close. arrrggghh.
  8. when you are that close it is good idea to do it via TT or qualy, achive 0,03 in TT and you will be at 3,40 after clean TT, of course for fast track promotion you will need 4,00 to move to D class where the real action is (Mustang, Skippy) - and this is where the adiction starts :cool:
  9. if you give it a fair chance it is more then you could hope for, I was avoiding it for long time and now that I have joined I didn`t drived anything else last two months
  10. Fast track applies only to D & above. If you're rookie now then get your SR above 3.00 and complete 2 Races or 4 Time Trials before the end of Week 13. If you're thinking of joining, now is a good time as you get to go through the Rookie part quickly, see the changes made in week 13 & start a new season as D license.
  11. I fast tracked from rookie to D when I hit 4 now after competing in at least 4 races in D Im waiting to be promoted to C at the end of the week

    Johnny Carr
  12. Rookie promotions anyway happen more often than regular one. Not sure how often, maybe every month. But I got my D promotion with a regular promotion.

    When you are above 3.0 you can give the Spec Racer a chance, a lot better than the Solstice, IMHO.
  13. Let's put it this way... I re-subscribed and haven't loaded anything Simbin or rFactor related since, oh I don't know, week one of season 12 (yep 3 whole months of nothing but iRacing). For me it is so good that I don't even care if they release rFactor 2 in my lifetime, stopped running RTR (Beta), haven't loaded up NKP3 (so have no idea how good the Abarth is) and have started talking about iRacing at work!

    But - that is just my personal opinion...


    The SR really puts things into perspective and you get a serious buzz when you finish a race, where you left nothing in reserve, but rack up zero incident points :D.
  14. Abdul Al-Amry

    Abdul Al-Amry
    2011 RD Indy 500 Winner

    Well its seems now that I am above SR 3 and getting to race the Spec thingy on Summit I am losing points because of others on track. This SR should be evaluated based on the speed and the point of impact. Someone rammed up on braking and I lost points. I was minding my own race. How will I get to SR 4 if this keeps happening?
  15. Just keep racing, you'll make it to 4. :). The iRacings response on the SR debate is "in real life you would also get stuck with the repair costs if someone rear ended you.." Looking at the argument that way kind of makes sense.
  16. well, SRF by definition isn`t "safest car" since he is very tail happy, not to mention that Summit is not helping either, with SRF I could race safely only on more open tracks like Watkins, there I could be competitive and safe, on Summit, Limerock and any other short track I found it very hard to race safely, it will all look much better once you start with skippy, just looked at your carrier and must say that is weird how you just Q and R without any practice (so far 3 practice total, 2xsolstice, 1xlegends), could be that you are practicing offline but this is not the same as with other drivers on track, best thing is to do some 50-100 laps in official practice session and then Q&R

  17. Just recognized afterwards that we 'know' from RD, we raced last night together :).

    What I really find a bad habit, is that many of the fast guys do not qualify, start at the end of the grid and get pissed if you dont let them through.
    Recently I got bumped off by one of these guys, no sorry, no nothing; on another occasion I had one guy following me in lap 1, he was faster, tried to pass me but did not manage as he wanted, crashed and was complaining that I did not give way to him ('this is not necessary in lap one'), just put qualy time in and the problem is gone. I am the last person defending his position until the end, but I am also not giving in just because I KNOW somebody is faster.
  18. The SR system gets an awful lot more flak than I think it ought to.

    No machine based system is able to attribute blame in the infinite number of situations that may arise on a racetrack - It's rarely an exclusively objective call to make, as it so often comes down to two drivers both firmly believing that their actions were the right thing to do.

    The alternative is to have live stewarding, which in the absolute top drawer "class 1" leagues I expect to see becoming more prevalent over the next few years, but it's just not feasible for day to day operations, especially bearing in mind the massive scope of the iRacing service.

    But don't think of it as a result of a technical obstacle, instead consider this way of thinking:

    A wreck occurs in front of you. You try to brake as hard as possible to avoid speeding into it, but in doing so lock your rear tyres, spin, and collect someone else trying to take evasive action behind you. 4x - Car Contact.

    Now, the question to ask yourself is this:
    How could I have acted differently in that situation?

    Let's look at that scenario again:

    A wreck occurs in front of you.
    Maybe I could have seen that an incident would occur based upon observing the driving or network conditions of those drivers previously. Perhaps I should've born that in mind and been mentally preparing myself just in case they tagged up ahead.

    You try to brake as hard as possible to avoid speeding into it, but in doing so lock your rear tyres.
    Maybe I should sacrifice a little bit of the handling characteristics of a rearward brake bias to ensure that if I do need to jump on the brakes very firmly and very quickly, I can still control the car comfortably - and if I need to do that in a corner where the car is loaded up and jumping on the brakes will lead to a spin, I should consider that and be prepared to modulate my braking accordingly or null out the weight transfer if I have the room. Maybe I had other options to open an escape route rather than heavy braking in the first place.

    You collect someone else trying to take evasive action behind you.
    Maybe I should've changed my path initially so that whoever was behind me has some form of escape route open ahead of him in case he reacts slowly or otherwise differently to me. Although my attention is centred on the unfolding incident in front quite rightly, I should still be conscious of what other people are doing in my mirrors and able to react accordingly if need be.

    Another situation:

    You come around a blind corner and find someone on the grass near the outside of the corner. You continue on your normal line as he's safely out of the way, but unexpectedly he attempts to rejoin the track just as you get there. 4x car contact.

    Maybe the relative screen would have alerted me to the incident before any yellow flags did had I been watching it closer, and perhaps if I hadn't made the assumption that he was out of the way, I would have changed my line to give him as much space as possible to recover onto the extreme outside of the track if he so chose. A dab on the brakes as soon as I saw him would have given me a little more time to assess the situation as well.

    In both of these cases, other people were at fault but there are things you can do to help remove yourself from their mess. Sure, they're not always viable, indeed sometimes there is nothing you can do and that's life, but in most cases you can rewind and pick out a few things you could have done differently both physically and mentally - both at the moment of the incident and some time before it - if you were put in that set of circumstances again.

    In my opinion, when you combine the system with this kind of mentality then it makes a great deal more sense.
  19. Abdul Al-Amry

    Abdul Al-Amry
    2011 RD Indy 500 Winner

    Its indeed a small world. I remember now. It was at Limerock I think. I love iRacing, and cant wait to up my rank to have better races with like minded peeps. Winning at turn 1 is less in iRacing but overall small mistakes happen that cost us dearly.
  20. Dave Stephenson

    Dave Stephenson
    Technical Administrator Staff Premium

    For me that's the way it is in reality, I'm all up for more titles that have higher costs for mistakes.