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Weird kart behaviour, anyone else getting this?

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by BERNSY001, Feb 15, 2015.

  1. Hey all,

    So I decided to jump into some rental karts to see what they were like. Very fun indeed! Until, the kart becomes uncontrollable for a brief period of time. What am I saying?

    Okay, I now have driven ALL the karts, and am experiencing the same problem, across the range on all tracks. The karts seem to be behaving fine until what appears to be after a really big brake lock up or slide, the rear wheels seem to be in the action of wheel spinning before you get to the next corner, turn in and it will spin almost instantly.

    While I know it isn't possible for them to be wheel spinning so drastically in the dry, you can also clearly hear the rear tyres spinning, also feeling and seeing the kart move left to right in a straight line.

    After you have that spin, it disappears, but it will return after the one or both of the circumstances above.

    Is anyone else seeing this? It just doesn't seem like it could not be an issue...

    Edit - I just got the same effect without having either of those potential causes. Turned in and on corner exit the sound effects and feel kicked in and I spun. Also, the kart is very slow in a straight line while it is doing this, forgot to mention that.
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  2. Are these the Rotax?
  3. Nope. The 125cc karts are running IAME engines I think.
  4. Oh, so where do I find these 'Rental karts', as I don't find them under Karts category? I'm also at v1.25, updated via GSync. :confused:
  5. You might have to Re sync again.
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  6. hex


    Since v1.25 two 'silent' updates were released. You might want to use GSync again :)
  7. Thanks. I just did but still don't find the 'Rental karts'. I even looked at the GSync Log and it didn't have any entries for new vehicles. Are they supposed to appear under Karts category? What's the name of the folder under Vehicles? Perhaps I'm not looking at the right place. Thanks.
  8. It should be in the Karts category
  9. Found it, thanks. Apparently I have to kart categories appearing on the main window (don't know why yet). Duplicate rFm copies?
  10. I'm not seeing this at all, I've raced all the karts and they are behaving really well. This sounds like it might be some kind of controller problem. What controller are you using? Could the brake be sticking, or the throttle, or something? It would be a good idea to eliminate it as a possibility - unplug the device and try a different one, or else use the keyboard as a test.
  11. Renato Simioni

    Renato Simioni
    Reiza Studios

    There used to be an issue when some driving aid was switched on (I believe it was ABS), which would break the kart physics and make the rear uncontrollable. I don´t recall the specifics and can´t verify this at the moment, and it seemed to have been fixed along the way but perhaps there is something there still. Are you using any driving aids?
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  12. Hey guys,
    thanks for the responses so far. Busy with uni so haven't had time to check back here...

    I'll have a fiddle with the driving aids and see what I can come up with. That previous ABS issue pretty much describes the issue I am having (although I haven't had a chance to test it since I made this post) so I will turn everything off and give it a shot.

    Regarding my controller, simple G27 with no modifications. If the driver aids option doesn't solve it, I'll have a crack at it with the keyboard (this will be hilarious) and see what happens.
  13. Hey

    Did you ever find a solution to this problem? i'm experinceing the same with both rentals + 125cc Race karts.. you can drive a couple of rounds perfect and then out of nowhere it starts to slide and lose grip.. tires keep screaming until you spin and the kart stops, not even when you let go of the throttle it will never get grip again, until you almost stop the kart.. just feels really weird how the little S*** decides to spin, and nothing you can do about it...
    im not experincing this with other cars?

    anyone ? :)
  14. I figured it out, Stability control was on. Must have hit a key or something that turned it on.. make sure everything is set to manual or the screaming spin will start :)