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Weird issues making AIW file for Track

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Kurt Stenberg, Sep 15, 2012.

  1. Hi, i just recently finished building my first track with BTB/3DSIMED. I have been working on the AIW using the rfactor AIW editor but i have come across some weird issue that i'd like help fixing.I'll list them

    1.The crew member giving directions when you leave the garage is the wrong way.
    2.When requesting a pitstop and driving into the pits the box disappears until you drive around again.
    3. You cannot pit at all if you don't request the pit as you never see the box
    4. On another layout of the same venue the AIW editor crashes recording the fast line.

    Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  2. 1. Change this line in AIW:"LefthandedPits = 1"
    2 & 3 Might be the same issue, probably not..
    4. don't know...
  3. Thanks for the help mate but that didn't fix the first problem at all. Weird
  4. Have you set the corridors for the pit path? Worth checking
  5. Just fixed the issues by rebuilding half the track but now have a new issue. I wish to rename this track but even if i rename all the track files, the stuff in the GDB and scn files it will not showup in rfactor. It showed up before the renaming and shows up if i put the old name back. Please help. Thanks
  6. Are you starting your aiw file from scratch or editing the one created in BTB?
  7. Editing one
  8. If the track does not show up in rFactor one of the track names in the .gdb file does not match. check them carefully