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Weird AI race results??

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by THmclarenf1, Nov 18, 2010.

  1. Is it just me or do other people end up with weird AI results in Career mode.

    In my first season at Lotus:

    Monaco GP, Webber on pole then Petrov wins after qualifying about 12th in dry conditions and 6 backmarkers got disqualified???

    Same Season, silverstone, i qualified 17th, finish about 20th (Bad race),
    Vettel on Pole finishes 15th,
    Alguersuari qualifies in 15th and although i was ahead of him as i pitted in, he goes on to win the race. All in dry conditions.

    Alguersuaris not a bad driver but this didn't make sense lol
  2. I had a race where Alonso started on 3th and ended in 14th, because he had 2 accidents (I was caused one of them :) )
    And he then he also pitted once for tyre change.

    Another race Vettel started on pole and finished 8th also because of accidents.

    In a 40% race that is alot of time in the pits, not even to mention gaining the places that you lost.

    So yes, it might be feasible...
  3. Racing with Virgin, AI Legend. Career mode. (xbox).

    Qualified 19th at Valencia. Had a good start and moved into 14th after the pitstops.

    Liuzzi was about 10 secs in front of me in 13th, raced hard, got the time down to about 6 seconds.

    After finishing the race, the result came up, Liuzzi was 1st and everyone else had been lapped. I can no longer take this game seriously.

    I have tried to work around all the other bugs that exist and enjoy the game the best i can, but this is just a complete nonsense.

    I spent hours going through all the practice sessions, adjusting setups, only for the result to be randomized at the end.

    Its such a shame that a game that is so nearly a great game, is no longer playable.
  4. Yeah, hopefully they can sort it out in the patch or for 2011, but as you say shame cos the racings great but the results are confusing and legend difficulty needs to be made more difficult
  5. biggest problem by far still is that cars dont pit during a race and if you as the player pit along with any of the AI you always end up behind cos it makes you wait even after the patch, if you look at the real GP canada 2010 alonso and hamilton wheel to wheel down the pitlane thats how it should be also it would have been interesting if when vettel ran into webber at turkey and then into button at spa if webber and button recieved the penalties cos apparently in F1 2010 the player is always at fault even if you have a spin and the rubbish AI drives into you then you get a 10 second penalty or a 5 place grid drop if its in quali.

    Oh and frame rates at monaco on PS3 are totally unacceptable especially when there are a lot of cars close to you.

    still GT5 next week a game thats had more time and effort spent on it not just thrown out there untested cos the 2010 season is nearing the end and the game will soon be obsolete anyway.