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Weird AI behavior

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by Veselko Lakobrija, Oct 19, 2011.

  1. Well...
    AI in this game is bad but its nothing comparing to Gran Tourismo. Noticed in 3 different races during Q sessions.
    I menaged to get pole position, so i decided to drive slow (Driving Miss Daisy slow) back to pitstop so i could have less worn out tyres for the race. Was doing 120-130 kph. After a short while cars started to pile up behind me, so i move out of the way to give them space to pass me. Nothing happens, so i keep lowering my speed to 60-ish kph, i get yellow flag and a message to be cautious when rejoining the race. WTH?! This was in Q1, in Q2 and Q3 i get warning for intentionaly blocking the way until i get up to 180 kph or so then it´s all good. At this point Force India, Red Bull, McLaren and occasionaly Ferrari are passing me rest of the teams just drive behind me.
    What is this all about?? Any and all ideas are good...
  2. You're not supposed to drive that slow even if you're out of racing groove. That's according to actual regulation as well. Just jump to pit if you want to save the tire which isn't realistic. Otherwise set fuel mix to 1 and come back to the pit at reasonable pace.
  3. AHHHH
    Thank you very much for clarification. Nothing weird with it after all.
  4. well it is weird how they bunch up behind you, it's like they won't pass you no matter what.
  5. They won't pass you if they are on their out or in lap so as not to wreck your qualifying, they will pass you if they are on their flying lap. I think it's actually well designed, just drive back at a reasonable pace
  6. Cool
    thx a bunch for explanations. i will really have to sit down someday and go through rules and regulations of F1.
  7. I did this for 2010...formula1.com has pretty much all of the rules and regs you could care to read.

    But you may need more than one day xD

    I read only one section of the rules regarding different car body specifications since I was sketching an f1 car in 3ds max for fun. It took me hours to understand some of the specifications. the rules are written so that even the best lawyer couldn't find loop holes. which makes them a tough read, but incredibly specific.

    Also study up on your oxford english, since there's no slang what so ever in the rules.
  8. Damn. looks like i´m just going to learn it as i go. Take it one race at the time :cool:. It will take longer but atleast it will be more fun.