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Weekend Lengths

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Adam Lawson, Oct 15, 2010.

  1. What length weekends and races do you all use?
  2. Long weekend, 100% distance
  3. Still in my 1st season running mostly short race weekends@20%, mainly due to the various bugs (pitstops, puntures). I would be very disappointed if i'd run a 100% race and in the last few laps I get a puncture and find out that some other drivers didn't go into the pit, so I run short races

    When the patch comes out I will restart my career and run long weekends, 50%-100% races (depending on how much I like the track ;) )
  4. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    What he says :)
  5. Short weekend, 20% race. I've started the past 2 races in 24th and gone on to win by 20+ secs. There's no way I'm doing a longer race to run around on my own. I'd do 100% races against other people, but until then, I'll stick with 20%.
  6. I've tried doing 50% races but I normally end up spinning out in crucial moments and dropping back tons. Kind of ruins the fun when I spin out so much.
  7. Long race weekends 50% races i find it good to do it this way get plenty of practice in on the long race and 50% is perfect for me
  8. Long weekend and usually 30%-40% race distance. Don't quite have the patience to do 100%, I'd just get too frustrated. :D
  9. Used to do long weekends with 20% race, but now, for something different, doing short weekends and still 20% races.

    If/when we get a patch, and depending what it covers, might up the race distance a bit.
  10. short weekend
    i started with 20% racedistance, went over to 50% after view races -> savegame corrupted
    after that i started with 30% distance - close to the end of season 1 -> savegame corrupted
    now -> nothing :( because i don't want to waste my time as betatester for a payed product from a big company

    and ... lol i can see who has voted for what... thats very ... anonymous (NOT) :D (sorry didn't know that this is normal xD)
  11. ditto :)
    for me it's either this or not playing the game.
  12. I'm currently using Short Weekends @ 20% I'm thinking of restarting my career soon, I'm with Virgin :(
  13. id stay with virgin your not missing anything with lotus or hrt i was with lotus for my first season and they were useless
  14. I'd love to have enough spare time to play the game on 100% distance but I have to settle for one race a day at 30%. Long weekends though as I like the full Q1,Q2,Q3 setup.
  15. Short and 100% race distance for me. Had an annoying bug the other week though. I was leading by over a lap at Suzuka (medium difficulty, just need to get used to manual gears and I might have a challenge) and I blew my nosecone off going under the bridge by going full throttle instead of half coming out of the turn. Got back to the pits but couldn't get into the box because the rear jack man was blocking it. This is on lap 44 of 53 so I was understandbly quite annoyed. Just wasted an hour of my time to have a glitch spring up.

    Still enjoying the game, going into a full season of short weekend/100% race distance. I might have to drop the distances back though since I dont have time for 100% races very much. Curse a full time job
  16. Long race weekend with 30%-50% depending how I feel.
  17. I do short weekends for single grand prix and 50% races, would love to try a 100% race with fuel and tire sim on and damage and manual pitstops and everything sometime
  18. imo 100% races tend to get painfully boring after the pit stops are done and the positions are estabilished.
    i'm playing short weekends with 40% races now, it's a good balance for me. i'd prefer the Q1-Q2-Q3 format for the qualifying, but it's a little weird, quali takes more time than the race itself.

  19. I have the same problem when I do my pitstop, the cold tyre thingy is not really realistic, running 10 sec slower because you changed tyre doesnt happen in real life, I hope they do something about it