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Wednesday Night Non-Pro Championship F1 2013 Archive

Discussion in 'F1 2013 - The Game' started by HROAndi, Feb 7, 2013.

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  1. +++ We have a new WORLD CHAMPION +++

    It's time to give Sam a hard time winning. :laugh:

    The general idea of this league is to use the differences in car performance to bring different people with different driving abilities closer together. The 1st season has shown that this results in more racing and fighting on the track and hence making it more challenging for every participant.

    IMPORTANT NOTES! Read before signing up!
    - I remind you all again, read RD rules and act accordingly
    - Please keep races clean. If there are however questionable incidents please try to stay calm during and after the race and firstly discuss things calmly via PM or this thread. This is fun league, so keep it this way!
    - Very blatant cuttings, rammings and other very unsportsmanlike acts will be punished with exclusion of this championship! NO WARNINGS!
    - If somebody acts unsportsmanlike, in extreme cases we can use voting if we want to race with him/her, and 50% no-answers will exclude this driver from championship.

    - Do not press “ready” in the lobby and “go to race” in garage after qualification! Host will do that. 2 minutes will be given after qualification to set strategies.

    Wednesday Nights 7:00 pm GMT (see race calendar below)
    Session opens 15 min earlier. We will wait a maximum of 5 min, until 7:05 pm (GMT), after that we will start the session. If you happen to be late, you still have until around 7:20 pm (GMT) to join the session, but you will have missed qualifying and hence start from the back (this only applies for Tunngle races).

    Gaming Platform
    Race Settings
    Participation: Short weekend
    Race Distance: 50%
    Car Assignment: Player
    Weather Setting: Dynamic
    Track Selection: depens on date

    Simulation Settings
    Rules and Flags: Realistic
    Car Damage: Full
    Car Performance: F1 2012
    Safety Car: On
    Parc Fermé: On

    Assist Restrictions
    Braking Assist: Banned
    ABS: Banned
    Traction Control: Allowed (for gamepad users only)
    Dynamic Racing Line: Allowed
    Gearbox: Allowed
    Pit Assist: Banned


    F1 is known to change rules every so often, so why should it be any different in virtual racing? In real F1 racing you can choose not to qualify but you only see this happening in Q3. Especially on tire intensive circuits, not setting a hot lap can be of strategic advantage but there would be no point in a qualifying session if this rule were to be expoited a majority of drivers. Therefore the "You Must Qualify" rule will be implemented to season #2.
    Basically, you are required to set at least one hot lap on a set of tires of your choice. It needs to be evident that you have been pushing for a decent lap, so that your tires will have been stressed (crawling around the circuit setting a 3+ min hot lap will not be allowed). If you fail qualify, you will get an +8 penalty on your final race position. Only exception will be if you destroy your car or if you can video prove that you have been trying but didn't get it together. Delibertate car destruction will also be penalised.

    In an event of unusal disconnections (i.e. mass disconnections) leaving only 60% or less of the field that started into the race we will either re-race if less then 66% of the race has been completed or else (i.e. more than 66% of the race has been completed) take the positions at the time of the first DC. It will be up to me, Andi Ecclestone ;), to make the final decission if a series of DC's will be regarded as an unusal event or not.

    We will have 4 fictional teams. That means we could potentially have any car (except HRT or Marussia) on the grid. The colour coding below represent the team affiliation.
    Name / Steam Name / Team**
    1. Sam Eaton / Lewis Samilton / Force India
    2. Mark Saunders / Kirennian / Force India
    3. Henry / Henando Alonso / Williams
    4. Gordini / Gordini / Williams

    5. Roy Sutton / Cav Roy / Mercedes
    6. Hristo / ICO-69 / McLaren

    7. Sasha Jednak / XanderSxx / Mercedes
    8. Endr / Toshi_ / Sauber
    9. Michal Morevec / mischak007 / Lotus

    10. Tobias / kindra_riegel / Lotus
    11. Mads Larsen / PandaWanda / Sauber
    12. Dimos / Dimos Karpurniotis / Mercedes
    13. Jonathan Blackmore / <<SPOON>> / Red Bull
    14. Andi / Eddyson Sealton / McLaren

    15. Jonathan R. / EnticingToaster / Red Bull
    16. Wouter v. d. Giessen / Shaki123 / Ferrari

    Reserve: Fujin, Cavelier Roy, Emil Praga​
    **proposed F1-team which may be subject to change during the course of the season

    Race calendar
    +++ all races start 7:00 pm GMT (21:00 CET) +++

    Pre-Season Test: 25% Race, 2 Circuits (tba) - 10. & 17. April ++completed++
    Australia / Melbourne - 24. April ++completed++
    Malaysia / Sepang - 1. May ++completed++
    China / Shanghai - 8. May ++completed++
    Bahrain / Manama - 15. May ++completed++
    Spain / Barcelona - 22. May ++completed++
    Monaco / Monte Carlo - 29. May ++completed++
    Canada / Montreal - 5. June ++completed++
    Europe / Valencia - 12. June ++completed++
    Great Britain / Silverstone - 19. June ++completed++
    Germany / Hockenheim - 26. June ++completed++
    +++ Summer Break +++

    Hungary / Budapest - 28. Aug ++completed++
    Belgium / Spa-Francorchamps - 6. Sep ++completed++
    Italy / Monza - 11. Sep ++completed
    Singapore / Singapore - 18. Sep ++completed++
    Japan / Suzuka - 25. Sep ++cancelled++
    South Korea / Yeongam - 2. Oct ++ cancelled ++
    India / Noida - 9. Oct++ cancelled ++
    Abu Dhabi / Abu Dhabi - 16. Oct ++ cancelled ++
    USA / Texas - 23. Oct cancelled ++
    Brasil / Sao Paulo - . 2. Oct

    +++ League Ranking +++
    +++ World Champion +++ Henry - 187 +++ World Champion +++
    Michal - 184
    Gordini - 178
    Sam - 174
    Mark - 148
    Tobias - 112
    Wouter v. G. - 102
    Hristo - 98
    Endr - 62
    Cav Roy - 60
    Sasha - 54
    Andi - 39
    Jonathan R. - 30
    Jonathan B. - 28
    Dimos - 23
    Mads - 3

    Wouter - 20
    Emil Praga - 8
    Last edited: Oct 3, 2013
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  2. Since we haven'*t really bothered with tunngle this season anyways, this post is obsolete :)
  3. Im in!
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  4. looks good! I'd like to put my name down please as a reserve driver if all spots are taken by regulars! Steam name = <<SPOOON>> gamertag: Black__Adder

    I am a 360 game controller user, I best get some practice in without ABS ;) !
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  5. I'd like to join too!
  6. Me mate very metall has just told me he's in to, he couldnt post from work.. anyways hes in
  7. Ready for TorroRosso
    Please put Do not press “ready” in the lobby and “go to race” in garage after qualification! Host will do that. 2 minutes will be given after qualification to change settings and make strategies
    in BOLD:p
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  8. if there is enough drivers.... we could reinstate ferrari/force india?
  9. Any chance to keep 21:00 CET (GMT +2 summer time) start? UK guys are GMT +1 during the summer time, so if the current timing suits to majority, I wouldn't change it.
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  10. Yeah if possible you can count me in... however the month may I'm in Greece :D.
  11. The game only allows 16 players. That makes 8 teams. To even things out, Ferrari is probably to strong for the league. And everyone has been complaining about FI. Hence FI gets banned. ;)
  12. I'll check that. I would much rather prefer 21:00 CET during summer. Just thought that half hour may be good compromise. ;)
  13. Done! ;)
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  14. Count me in :) though i can say now, i will miss my home GP of silverstone on the 29 May, as its my wedding day!! :)
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  15. Great! Only I see myself twice on the list. My name is Wouter van der Giessen and my Steam-ID is Shaki123. In the list I'm both Wouter van der Giessen AND Shaki123 :)..
  16. I'm in!:thumbsup: What's with Arvind his gone?! Will reserves get their points(and drive their car) in 2nd season or same like this one? I had car comparing while practicing Hungary, this is what I got. I took 3 best times for every sector(drove 10laps), added them and divided with 3 to get average time for every sector, that gave me surprise:
    Ferrari 83,59433333
    McLaren 83,616
    Red Bull 83,689
    Lotus 84,00033333
    Sauber 84,036
    Williams 84,16233333
    Mercedes 84,475
    Force India 85,11733333
    Toro Rosso 85,134
    Caterham 85,38566667
    Marussia 86,256
    HRT 86,52633333

    Other result is with only best sector times added to best lap:
    McLaren 83,155
    Ferrari 83,205
    Red Bull 83,487
    Lotus 83,670
    Sauber 83,866
    Williams 84,106
    Mercedes 84,197
    Toro Rosso 84,799
    Force India 84,799
    Caterham 85,198
    Marussia 86,044
    HRT 86,359

    No KERS and DRS used, and Ferrari result in first table is maybe because I'm their fan and pushed them liitle more then McLaren.:cool: Lotus is car I drive all the time so maybe it would be few tenths in someone else hands.;)
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  17. they look pretty accurate to me, i know from career mode i much prefer the williams AND caterham to mercedes! i think the mercedes is a very poor car on the game! although better than caterham due to its straightline speed, i really enjoyed driving that caterham :S
    maybe it was the challenge! and im finding it much harder to get poles and 1st in practice with lean mix as mercedes compared to williams!
  18. I suppose this is also only one track, like in RL maybe certain cars are stronger at certain tracks in game? ;)
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  19. Count me in :)
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