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Wednesday Night Non-Pro Championship F1 2012 Archive

Discussion in 'F1 2012 - The Game' started by HROAndi, Oct 10, 2012.

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  1. Do you struggle with the the pro difficulty level in F1 2012?

    Do you always drive on your own after a couple of laps in online races because the guys in front of you are way too fast and the guys behind you are way too slow?

    Have you always wanted to participate in an online championship but weren't sure if you're good enough?

    Well, I always feel this way. I don't consider myself an extremely bad driver, but I am mostly 2 seconds per lap behind most others in organized races, paired with a couple of minor mistakes over the race distance. Which is why, I never really race against anyone. I would like to change that!

    I wanna start my own league with 15 other drivers if possible. I would like to use the 2012 car performance and assign the cars to the capabilities of the drivers (better driver get lower tier cars), hoping to even things out and achieving real racing situations in an entire season.

    I would like to race once a week at around 20:00 (8 pm) GMT (21:00 CET). I also think that the TC, breaking, ABS and pit assists should be off. That way things may get a little more interesting on the track. Automatic gearbox and the racing line may stay on. I'm thinking a whole season starting with Melbourne and finishing with Sao Paulo at 50% race distance in a short weekend with short qualifying, full damage, saftey car and realistic rules and flags (probably dynamic weather too).

    Ofcourse I'm open for any other thoughts and possible changes.

    So, what do you think?

    Who's interested? Who's aboard?

    If you are interested you can now sign up here: http://www.racedepartment.com/forum/threads/pc-wednesday-night-non-professional-championship.58095/

    Please also go through this thread to learn more about car assignment (on page 3) and other issues.
  2. good idea, put me down for it, as long as i can the yummy McLaren
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  3. Devil_Dog

    I walk the line.

    I'm in. Right now that day and time is the only time I have open for racing. Even if it's casual I'm for it.
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  4. Sasha Jednak / I will have few tt with HRT to see how it goes, if not I will take Caterham.
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  5. Very good idea.Count me in with Red Bull. :)
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  6. Sounds good just the thing i need to get better would love a mclaren.
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  7. I'll put you on list!

    @everyone: I've proposed a race calendar. Take a look at the first post of this thread.
  8. Roy Sutton / Roy478 / Mercedes

    Haven't done any time trials, but i'm alway's left behind by everyone lol. I casn only dco races from 19:00 GMT Monday to Friday, weekends i can do races from 20:00 GMT.
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  9. You should be alright then... races start at 19:00 GMT until the clock in central Europe gets set to winter time... in fact that will only be the first race... hadn't thought about that... I guess then races should always start 20:00 GMT... (stupid time zones :p)
  10. Race-calendar looks good to me! :)
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  11. I drove my first Time-trials with red bull,and in four track (melbourne,malaysia,abu dhabi,brazil) with tc+auto gears+racing line corner only) and im at 1976,664,261,500 at rankings.I have no clue how good or bad I drive Without racing line(??) So Im wondering that should I change red bull to some other tier car? Caterham maybe? .
    For sure without racing line im much slower.
  12. Tried HRT, I'm just not that good for now(melbourn tt = 3800th:)) . Melbourn is one of my bad tracks so I will take Caterham. Calendar is OK for me.:thumbsup:
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  13. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    Hey look a forum :)
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  14. @Bram: Thanx for giving us a new platform for this discussion.

    @others: My initial thought of looking at the ranking may not have been such a good indicator after all :thumbsdown: . Maybe we should look at the fastest lap times on a few circuits and I will try and assign everyone a car according to their capabilities and yet still regard your initial request. ;)
    For example: Everyone go to Time Trial choose a Red Bull, switch Break Assist, ABS and TC off (keep racing line and automatic gears on if you wish) and send me your fastest lap times for Melbourne, Monza (2 circuits I find to be easier) and Suzuka, Singapore (2 circuits I find to be more challenging). I will then analyse the lap times and assign cars accordingly. I'm hoping that this way the car assignment will follow a more objective selection and no one ends up choosing a car below or above his/her capabilities. :thumbsup:
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  15. @HROAndi ; I havent driven a single lap without TC :D But I can try,heh.
  16. That is something I wanted to suggest.:thumbsup: With default setup I belive?
  17. @Jorma: :D ... I'm sure you'll manage

    @Sasha: I don't think it matters what setup you choose, since you will be able to apply your own later on... if we all try to get the best we can out of the car through driving and setup capabilities it'll surely be a decent indicator and enough information for me to assign the cars ;)(?).

    If you are Ok with the procedure I'll contact the rest of the guys who showed interest and start the league according to the timetable given above.
  18. Sign me up andi :) Arvind Kasale/ arvindkasale08/ Any car in the mid range. I am decent at a few tracks. Wednesday is awesome for me
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  19. Devil_Dog

    I walk the line.

    Count me out.:( My hours have changed at work and I will not be able to race at these times now.
  20. that's a shame :(
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