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Wednesday 18th November - Clio Cup @ Varano deMelegari

Discussion in 'rFactor 2 Racing Club & Leagues' started by Ryan Callan, Nov 12, 2009.

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  1. [​IMG]

    Server Name:
    Mod: Clio Cup 2008

    Track: Varano deMelegari
    Event start: 20:00 GMT
    Practice: 30 minutes
    Qualification: 15 minutes
    Race: 2 x 13 laps (WTCC second race grid)
    1. Click here to read the password and golden rules!

    2. RealFeel FFB PlugIn: Download - Information

    3. About the mod - the Clios always provide incredibly close action in real life and the virtual versions are no different. With very limited setup options, these pocket rockets are ready to go and they sound incredible. Eat your heart out Minis :D

    4. Any questions at all will be dealt with as promptly as possible by either myself or Ivo Simons, so do not hesitate to ask. If you come across a mod and/or track that you like or think would be perfect for the Racing Club just drop me or Ivo a PM.

    Clio Cup Promo -

  2. Entry List:

    1. Ryan Callan
    2. Gary Lennon
    3. Nigel Atkins
    4. Sergiusz Radecki
    5. Neil Gault
    6. Will Roberts
    7. Ivo Simons
    8. Stefan Beemsterboer
  3. Set me on list :thanks:
  4. hmmmm, i'll do some more testing on the clios before I make a decision.
  5. stick me down pls :)
  6. I'm in:)
  7. stick my name down for this also plz
  8. I'm in, sounds like a blast.
  9. Very nice track again Ryan.
    Sign me up. :good:
  10. While clio's are fun, I'm just not quite feelin it. I'm backing out, sorry, especially since its such a small field :).
  11. Well if people back out that usually means we get a small field. We had amazing racing with just 5 people last week, and we usually get 3 or 4 signups on the day.
  12. Well its good to hear that, I just felt that with how bad I in my opinion humiliated myself in two races this weekend I couldn't do that again. I just can't turn right is all, I can turn left fine though so if we ever do any oval races you can go ahead and count me in by a mile.
  13. Seriously Will, these cars are a WHOLE different matter to Nippons - but I don't need to tell you that. These things are very, very close just by their nature and stupidly easy to drive, especially on 'flat' tracks such as this.

    I'll do you a deal - if we don't get 10 signups you can pull out. :p
  14. i'll probably only get 16 laps done in both races, my best lap was a 1:28 and the trick I was pulling to go faster, I can't get it right now. I was tapping the handbreak in T1 and that chicane thing after the hairpen followed by the long back straight. Into them i'd tap the handbrake and it sped me up a nice chunk. Other than that stilll. The thing is that I can't really turn right or turn on a flat track. I liked that there was 2 banked turns at Fuji even though they were two of my worst. For example... yesterday I was on the simcar servers and put up a lap that would have put me 9th of 11 at TPSCC loudan. And I had been on that server maybe 1.5 hours, I just do good at Banked ovals. Maybe we do Cartfactor at one of the ovals up here at RD? I'd come and win that one. But I just am having a bad time with road courses.
    i'll come but if I feel I'm too slow in practice I'm not racing. I should have done that in my league race sat, same with the FN race sunday.

    I do understand that but I'm just not an overall fast consistent or just mediocre racer yet.
  15. Even if you don't do great the first race, the second race is a reverse grid - giving you a chance to run at the front and get a feel for things - I have faith that you will be ok :good:
  16. chances are i'd screw it up, I know I shouldn't bash myself but i'm so slow I'm not even a backmarker. We'd probably have a bigger than usual bottle neck come T1.
  17. You will be fine :good: - trust me
  18. We'll it probably would be, OK fine, It'll be odd timing for me since Its just after school gets out but I can make it. I should be on the server about half an hour before the scheduled time.
  19. if you want some help Will, i can join you on the server at 19:00 GMT and you can follow me around and i will drive slow enough for you to keep up then slowly increase the speed. i would also help if you could be on Team Speak :good:
  20. Well two things, I'm not gonna be home at 1900 maybe not even by the time the race starts, last night I remembered I had a prior commitment. Put me down as tenative but now, no promises, I do apoligize. Also Nigel, I have downloaded ts but don't exactly know how to use it or if I installed it correctly. If I can be home by 20:00 which is 3 PM my time, I'll be on the server. Sorry and I hope to see everyone soon.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.