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Misc Wedge's Visions | ReShade + MasterEffect v3.0 Proper

ReShade + MasterEffect custom preset for rFactor 2

  1. Wedge submitted a new resource:

    Wedge's Visions | ReShade + MasterEffect - ReShade + MasterEffect custom preset for rFactor 2

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  2. thx wedge, not nearly as dramatic as SCE but probably for good reason. ill give it a try, have to admit im a little torn. does cut down on the "cartoony" look i see ppl complain about re rf2 though..
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  3. that's because rf2 isn't as saturated (colorful) as sce, so the effect is more subtle: just some color balance and little contrast to make it look more realistic. doesn't look much on the screenshots, but makes a great difference in game.

    this preset I made from scratch and was very hard to tweak. took me like 8 iterations to achieve a result I like.

    you can use the num lock key to turn the effect on and off to see the difference.

    post your feedback after you try!
  4. i get the following in my log file
    Failed to compile effect on context 00000057A8A4BF90:

    Edit: Came right it was a fault on my side
    Last edited: May 10, 2015
  5. That looks very impressive - will give it a try as soon as I am back to my gaming machine. One question: do you know if it could be used together with the TrackMap-Plugin (64bit) as I could not get SweetFX and TMP working together since the last rF2 update.
  6. Looks great, thanks. But how do I make it work with Trackmap? Didn't work too even after renaming Trackmap's d3d9.dll to d3d9_TM and changing the ini file.
  7. Anyone pls?
  8. I have no idea. You probably gonna have to choose between one or the other.
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  9. The reshade file is missing!!
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  10. I used that one from the previous version and it works.
  11. indeed. I'm sorry for that. thanks for the heads up!