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Misc Wedge's Visions | ReShade + MasterEffect 1.2

ReShade + MasterEffect custom preset for Stock Car Extreme

  1. Wedge submitted a new resource:

    Wedge's Visions - ReShade ME Preset - Custom Preset for ReShade + MasterEffect

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  2. Something isn't working. Right after the game starts, the screen goes all white after playing some effect like a "film burning". I activated the Split screen effect and saw that the game freezes after loading your reshader (it compiles ok, but then freezes, with half screen all white and the other half a little blurry and frozen). I'm using an alternative UI, not the original one, but I don't see why this could cause some trouble. GTX 660 2Gb/ Win 8.1 x64 here.
    Last three lines of d3d9.log are:
    25/03/2015 17:37:11,472 [564] | INFO | Loading effect from "C:\Games\GSC2013\ReShade.fx" ...
    25/03/2015 17:37:12,678 [564] | INFO | > Successfully compiled effect.
    25/03/2015 17:37:26,726 [564] | INFO | Destroyed effect environment on runtime 087E6CE0.
  3. Weird.
    Are you using the d3d9.dll I provided or another modified one?

    Try temporary renaming ReShade.fx to .fxx, start a race, Alt+Tab than rename it back to .fx and see if it works while racing.
  4. Yes, using your d3d9.dll.
    The problem is in the reshader version. After renaming ReShade.fx to .fxx, the game loaded and froze at the same spot (but this time without the "White burning effect" - because it found no effects to apply). Strange that this is the same version that I'm successfuly using with Assetto Corsa (which in turn didn't worked with the latest ReShade 0.16.0 launched on march/19).
  5. Could be some kind of incompatibility with one of your mods. Since you're not using the Steam version, you can have multiple installs. You could try with one clear install.
  6. im getting a different error, difficult to see as im using DSR...but i think the gist of it is fails to initialize. fortunately game looks & runs fine though.

    not my clean install, ill post specifics next time i run GSC.
  7. the messages are --

    compiling effect...failed

    it then points to a d3d9.fx file & error x3000 & something about an unexpected identifier.

    i see thats not your file so i assume its from a different sweetfx or enb pack. ill try deleting it & see if it runs w/out error
  8. seems i was possibly wrong as now i get a crash after reshade loads. not sure if thats a default file or not
  9. d3d9.fx, like you said, is a SweetFX or ENB file. ReShade is compatible with SweetFX 2.0 (which is in Beta), but not MasterEffect.
  10. d3d9.fx is not a default file. you need to remove any ENB or SweetFX before trying to run this injector. I should probably point that out in the description.
  11. thanks -- yeah its pretty much common sense so not your fault, but i guess it wouldnt hurt. only prob is im not entirely sure how to remove that, can i just delete the sweetfx folder?

    edit -- nvm, think i figured it out
  12. William Wester

    William Wester

    This lowers my frame rate 30-40 FPS - too much of a performance hit. Running triples at 5860x1080 with a GTX980, i7 @4Ghz and 16GB ram.
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  13. I'll try to make a lighter version, with fewer extra effects but same color tone. Thanks for the info!
  14. Not working here. The screen is all white. When I "Alt-Tab" out of the game & go back into it the main menu shows up fine for a couple seconds then the white effect takes over the whole screen. I am not running a modded version of GSC either.
  15. do you have SweetFX or any other injector installed?

    try copying the reshade.fx again to your folder.

    when you Alt-Tab, it turns off the effect then turn it on again, that's why you can see the menu for a couple of seconds.
  16. William, could you do me a favor and run a couple of tests for me?

    First, turn off the game anti-alias on the config screen and see if it affects your FPS.

    Then, open up the ReShade.fx on notepad and change a couple of lines to test if the performance improves. You can do this with the game opened, just alt+tab, edit the file, save, then go back to the game, it should recompile the effect.
    1) #define USE_FXAA change from 1 to 0 to turn off the FXAA and test if it improves the FPS.
    2) #define USE_SHARPENING change from 1 to 0 to turn off the noise effect and test

    Also try with sharpening 0 and FXAA 1, and also try turning on and off your game AA.

    See if any of these solutions improves your FPS and tell me the results.

    Thank you!
  17. William Wester

    William Wester

    Hear you go @Wedge. I realize now that using ReShade with my "normal" settings was where the performance drain was coming from. But I'm getting much less flickering on fences and tire walls with my "usual" settings (through nVidia Inspector).

    5860x1080 - Brasilia 1 - CART Extreme

    Reiza DLL - no AA - w/default nVidia settings
    Pirelli bridge: 296 FPS
    Reiza bridge: 285 FPS
    Extreme sign: 325 FPS
    Front stretch: 195 FPS
    ReShade DLL no AA - w/default .fx
    Pirelli bridge: 98 FPS
    Reiza bridge: 105 FPS
    Extreme sign: 104 FPS
    Front stretch: 95 FPS
    ReShade DLL - no AA - no FXAA
    Pirelli bridge: 125 FPS
    Reiza bridge: 142 FPS
    Extreme sign: 132 FPS
    Front stretch: 124 FPS
    ReShade DLL - no AA - no FXAA no Sharpening
    Pirelli bridge: 122 FPS
    Reiza bridge: 138 FPS
    Extreme sign: 130 FPS
    Front stretch: 122 FPS
    CLAMP DLL - no AA - w/nVidia Inspector settings (my usual)
    AA Mode: Override Application
    AA Setting: 4x Multisampling
    AA Trans SS: 4x Sparse Grid SuperSampling
    Anisotropic Filter Mode: User Defined
    Anisotropic Filter Setting: 16x
    Pre-rendered Frames: 1
    Texture Filter Neg LOD Bias: Clamp
    Texture Filter Quality: High Quality
    Multi-display...: Multi-Display Performance
    Power Management: Prefer Max Performance

    Pirelli bridge: 102 FPS
    Reiza bridge: 120 FPS
    Extreme sign: 107 FPS
    Front stretch: 98 FPS
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  18. Thank you so much for the info! Sorry for the delay to reply.
    You don't need to use FXAA or any other game AA option if you're running if 4x Multisampling. See what's fits you best in terms of FPS, either FXAA or multisampling, but not both.

    Sharpening doesn't seen to affect the FPS, so you can leave it on.

    Hope it helps to improve your FPS when running with this mod.

  19. @Wedge I have installed all files except for _Docs into my game folder. Replaced the originall d3d9.dll file and edited the ReShade.fx file. However, when I start the game via the GSC.exe I receive the warning display which I agree to yet the game does not continue to load. Is there a command I need to enable specifically for the game to work?
  20. I don't know why it took me so long to finally try this out considering I've known about this mod for a while now (;)), but man is it awesome!

    My only suggestion is it's a bit too bloomy at times (it's at it's worst at the two Spielberg circuits) and the colors become just a little too cool. I'm pretty sure you've done that to try and work the warm lighting back to more neutral levels, but I think it's gone just a bit too far which makes things look a bit... purple. I think if you tone it back just a little this could become a must have addition!
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