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Misc wedgeHUD v1.4

A modern HUD for rFactor 2

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  1. Many thanks for this HUD. I have some suggestions for multiple layouts.

    For example. Like Hat mentioned on Steam, I would like some components at the edges of the screen.
    Kinda like the Normal version of DigitalHud with position and laps components at the top between the 3 virtual mirrors. The pit and flag indicator somewhere more to the top and with a smaller vertical size (rectangular shape), since at lower resolutions they become too big and cover the screen too much.

    The message center and fuel indicator moved to the bottom.

    The RPM, Speed indicator somewhat lower, like Normal version of DigitalHud and with a DRS indicator if it isn't already there.
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  2. Wedge updated wedgeHUD with a new update entry:

    Update 1.1

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  3. DavidMk7


    Thank you Wedge, this is a brilliant HUD, quite the best I’ve seen. I love its minimalist approach that doesn’t clutter up the screen. I would, however, like to see an alternative version with the info panel lowered and the tach in a more traditional place to the right and further down, just for those cars where its central placement is in the way, or seems inappropriate for the car.

    And is there any chance of the design being ported to AMS?
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  4. Thanks! There're few things I still want to improve.

    As for an AMS version, probably!
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  5. joecronk


    Hi buddy can you tell me what folder the Hud goes into rFactor2 to get it to work . Thank you Joe Cronk..
  6. You need to install this mod in the same way you install other mods for rFactor2 with the rFactor2 Launcher (non-Steam version).
  7. Wedge updated wedgeHUD with a new update entry:

    Added two variations

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  8. is this good for users with 3 screens also ?? my resolution is 5780x1080 . big thx
  9. DavidMk7


    The new versions don’t seem to like my resolution much (1280x960). The ‘normal’ version has the outer displays truncated and on the ‘mirror’ version the displays overlap the outside mirrors. It’s not a huge problem and I can always go back to the old version, which displays fine. I much prefer the tach position on the new versions though, so I’m sticking with the ‘mirror’ version for now. The only problem with this is that I appear to have lost the fuel gauge, which I presume is somewhere off screen!

    I was also wondering Wedge, whether you’d considered increasing the transparency of the background. In fact, I reckon you could probably do away with the main backgrounds altogether. I have my Assetto Corsa and AMS HUDs set like this and the text is perfectly readable, whilst leaving the screen looking less cluttered.

    GRAB_072.JPG GRAB_078.JPG
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  10. Wedge updated wedgeHUD with a new update entry:

    More variations!

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  11. I'm wondering what the rest of the GUI would look like if you could design this too!?
  12. .
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  13. is it possible to get the side version more to the side and a little bit down so it is more to the edge? Or ia it possible to move it with a coordination file ?
  14. Hi, can I move the wedge?