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WEC Support Series future Discussion

Discussion in 'Xbox One | World Endurance Challenge' started by Globespy, Jul 7, 2016.

  1. GT4 Support series with a seperate ginetta g40 junior spec class

  2. GT4 Support series w/o ginetta GT4, including a seperate class with prototype light cars

  3. GT4 Support series w/o ginetta GT4 (aston, bmw, toyota, mustang) and no other class

  4. Randomized spec car every support race (track schedule will remain supporting WEC)

  5. Ginetta GT4 spec class with seperate Radical RXC spec class

  6. Touring car series- various options

  7. Modern DTM class with a seperate classic DTM class

  8. V8 supercar spec series

  9. Modern stockar and classic stockar series

  10. Pagani Zonda R spec series

  11. Other (write suggestion in bold & underline text in thread response)

  12. Radical SR pro-am cup series (sr3 for am, sr8 for pro)

  13. Ginetta GT4 spec series

  14. Renault Megane Trophy and RS01 trophy Series

  15. Driver vote determines car for each support race (track schedule will remain supporting WEC)

  16. Modern DTM spec series

  17. GT1 series

  18. LMP900/GT1 series

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  1. We all have certain cars/tracks that we like more/are better at, so it's only natural that we gravitate towards those known factors in a competitive environment such as racing.
    Personally, I've been thrown in to cars/tracks that I've little to no experience with, and whilst challenging (sometimes frustratingly so) I've ended up really enjoying these races, perhaps more than the GT3 cars that I know well.
    Last night's DTM Mercedes race was brilliant. Never driven that car before, nor that track.

    I'm suggesting more of the same, choosing the more obscure cars/tracks that no one uses/rarely uses (Megane V6 Trophy cup at Bannochbrae as an example) to force everyone out of their comfort zone.
    To keep things fair (given personal bias will always play a factor), we could run a different car/track each support race that's chosen by the drivers, not the organizer - we all select a track/car and everyone has to race them. We use standardised settings such as real weather, real assists, time/tire progression for all races.
    This would really shake up the series and force everyone to push their driving experience every week, gaining new experiences and insights into cars and tracks that are unknown.
    There's enough regular drivers to allow this to happen, hoping others think this is a good idea.
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  2. I also like changing it up and trying other cars/tracks Globe, I'm glad you are enjoying the races! I agree they are more fun and you can learn a lot more about Pcars physics too. The random races often make the game exciting again for me when it goes a bit stale. Last night was a blast, had epic wheel to wheel action with Braken and then when the 4 of us were bunched later on. Maybe if enough people want more random and crazy car/track pairings over one class, it'll possibly carry into next season from the current format, running a random car every other support race. Although I must admit it's not a great format for points. I wouldn't mind organizing a fully random car track championship, they are immensely fun (did @ prl with nova), but again that's not ideal for a support series.
    Nothing is finalized yet obviously so a discussion on the next support series is welcome! It's been around 7 people average for races though, and I invite around 20 people (pcars regulars) to join every time. Not a great return so something can be adjusted there. Not exactly sure what scares away some of the main WEC racers (the leading ones in fact lol!) from coming to play most of the time but hopefully that will change next season.
  3. and I like the drivers vote idea too, but that requires everyone to actually come and vote for each race's selections, which just doesn't happen here at least. Maybe a suggestion pool of good(no silly stuff) race cars/tracks can be recorded by organizers and then 3 of each are drawn for a poll choice to decide the support race that week.
    unsure... voice ideas guys
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  4. 2pfspiff

    2015 pCars World Endurance Challenge AM Champion

    Again I had a blast with the DTM car. Even with running last it was a good time. Turn out does seem to be an issue. I try to make what I can, but with my schedule it isn't easy.You could set up a poll before the start of the next support season for what cars and tracks to run. The key to getting it right is to make sure that the car and track pair up well. I think that the DTM cars pair well with tracks that aren't more then 1:30 to 2:00 min to get around (Short tracks). I would like to try some open wheel. Never drove a formula or indy car.
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  5. Michael Watts

    Michael Watts
    XB1 Gamertag: michaei watts Premium

    Brian there is an Indy league in the XBox 1 Project Cars Section, run by @Rob on Saturday's. I'm probably going to get back into some Saturday races now that I'm all moved in.
  6. 2pfspiff

    2015 pCars World Endurance Challenge AM Champion

    Summer time is rough. If I can make it I will let you know and if there is an opening I will definitely be ready to race. Thanks for the update.
  7. new poll, its big! lol
  8. many options, pick three that interest you and we can move on organizing from there.
  9. Peter Hooper

    Peter Hooper

    I really would like to get involved in this somehow. I've loved some of the car and track choices i've seen. You are sticking with the same day and start time I take it? I'll keep checking in here to keep tabs on things and try to find a way to get in at least some of the races once it all kicks off :thumbsup:
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  10. Yeah I wish you could make it Peter, it's annoying how bad the time difference is for these... it will still be the same day but the time could maybe be stretched. Not sure how many people it effects if it started say an hour earlier. It would be great to have you in some of these and I know you'd love some of the combos haha. It just gets so late for guys in Europe which is no good on a weekday.
  11. Michael Watts

    Michael Watts
    XB1 Gamertag: michaei watts Premium

    Peter, I wouldn't mind setting up some kind of spec series for Saturday Mornings EST. Don't know how that would pan out for you being 5 hours ahead but its something Me and Toast could do. I don't want to interfere with Robert's Series in the evenings. But Saturday Mornings say 9am EST would be my only other option. We could have a Separate "Drivers Choice Series" Pick a Track and a Spec Car and race it every Saturday Morning. Voting would last from Saturday to Wednesday.
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  12. 2pfspiff

    2015 pCars World Endurance Challenge AM Champion

    So many choices. How do I decide?
  13. Just want to gauge main interest for when we fully develop the support schedule later this year.
  14. 2pfspiff

    2015 pCars World Endurance Challenge AM Champion

    I think all of the choices you have up there are great ideas. The voting one would be a little rough being that their are only a handful of people that truly contribute to this forum.
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  15. Michael Watts

    Michael Watts
    XB1 Gamertag: michaei watts Premium

    Here is a look at Season 3's possible schedule. Obviously your votes will effect the cars that run at these tracks...
    1. Watkins Glen GP: 2 hrs
    1. Watkins Glen Short: 45 mins (GT4 class)
    2. Brands Hatch GP: 1 hour
    2. Oulton Park Full: 45 mins ( GT4 Class )
    3. Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya GP: 1 hour
    3. Bannochbrae: 45 mins ( Ginetta GT4 Spec)
    4. Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps: 2 hours
    4. Zolder: 45 mins (GT4 Class)
    5. Rouen Les Essarts: 1 hour
    5. Le Circuit Bugatti: 45 mins (GT4 Class)
    6. Le Mans: 2 hours
    6. Azure Circuit: 45 mins (Ginetta GT4 Spec)
    7. Hockenhiem Classic: 2 hours
    7. Nurburgring Sprint Short: 45 mins (GT4 Class)
    8. Nurburgring Nordschliefe Combined: 1 hour
    8. Oschersleban National: 45 mins ( Ginetta GT4 Spec)
    9. Imola: 1 hour
    9. Monza short: 45 mins ( Ginetta GT4 Spec)
    10. Road America: 1 hour
    10. Laguna Seca: 45 mins (GT4 Class)
    11. Sonoma GP: 1 hour
    11. Sonoma Short: 45 mins (GT4 Class)
    12. Sakitto GP: 2 hours
    12. Sakitto Sprint : 45 mins (GT4 Class)
    13. Zhuhai: 1 hour
    13. Sakitto National: 45 mins (Ginetta GT4 Spec)
    14. Ruapuna GP: 1 hour
    14. Ruapuna Club: 45 mins (GT4 Spec)
    15. Bathurst: 1 hour
    15. Ruapuna Outerloop: 45 mins ( Ginetta GT4 Spec)
    16. Dubai GP: 2 hours
    16. Dubai Club: 45 mins (GT4 Class)
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  16. Peter Hooper

    Peter Hooper

    It would be quite tough for me at that time... as it would be right slap bang in the middle of the day here and Saturdays are usually a busy day family wise. Especially so in the Summer where we like to get out and about as much as possible. But i'll keep my eyes on the news and see how it could fit :thumbsup:
  17. Peter Hooper

    Peter Hooper

    Don't make it in anyway awkward for the other guys Nic. I'll await the schedule and see whether there's anyway I can squeeze any in. It is tough due to work the next day but also in terms of noise in the middle of the night, you know how noisy the wheel scan get when going over those kerbs at times and chat would have to be minimal my end or the wife and daughter would probably be kept awake lol. Even if I could just fit in the odd one here and there I would love to do that.

    As i'm not going to be able to be a regular I wont join in the vote as it would't be fair to skew any results.
    Last edited: Jul 25, 2016
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