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Webber: I'm Considering My Future

Discussion in 'Formula 1' started by Dan Hawkins, Mar 25, 2013.

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  2. Martin Maaskant

    Martin Maaskant

    I think the only way Vettel can apologize to Webber is to let him pass when he leading the race and Webber is behind him. If not then his apology is meaningless.
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  3. Peter Hooper

    Peter Hooper

    Its a tough situation but not a lot Webber can do about it now. At least the team made the instruction, showing that they weren't favouring Vettel (at this time) this is just about Vettels morals really as I don't believe it when he says he didn't hear it. What will be interesting is the next time they are running one/two and Webber is the car behind... Bring it on ;-)
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  4. The thing is, if it was Webber who ignored the team orders. Vettel would be making the whole place know he is unhappy and strop off etc.

    Red Bull need to punish Vettel properly this time.
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  5. Id like FIA to add 10 place penalty for those who ignores team order
  6. Vettel is destroying him every time but I never tought he would like to win without a fight. He is very close to retirement so he gets sentimental. Just try to remember their last race in Brasil when he was clarly interrupting Vettel start. I would never shake his hand after that. There are so many talented drivers and young, let it go oldtimer.
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  7. Guys, if we ignore that the participants in this discussion are Webber and Vettel, would you also state these arguments?

    Really, a 10 place grid penalty for ignoring a team order? Do you want to see sport or politics. If you thing like that, you are in no way interested in sport and in the general intention of sport!
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  8. I'm sure team orders is a positive thing when there are certain circumstances but never should be aplied in case like it was yesterday
    You can't control two drivers fighting for Championship. Senna would never let Prost win the race.
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  9. Chris

    Ted Kravitz Appreciation Society Staff Premium

    Yes, but if Vettel just hands him a victory then it won't feel like a victory, because he got given it.

    The only way Mark will feel better, is if he genuinely beats Sebastian to win the race.
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  10. Lol, what a ridiculous suggestion.
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  11. Andrew Ford

    Andrew Ford

    but he would have lost yesterday don't you think? he was only leading because of sebs messed up pit stop 1st time around. i'm not a seb fan but webber is just not good enough.
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  12. Team Orders are just as bad as ignoring them. I do understand the team wanted to secure a 1/2, or save engines, but not letting them race is making F1 pretty lame. The Team Orders discussion is old, and it always lead to problems. Its the price you pay when you put two top drivers in one team. In the end of the day they are Race Drivers. holding back , is , and should be against their nature.
  13. Andrew Ford

    Andrew Ford

    he said on sky that he truthfully didn't hear it. on the bbc, he said he did hear it but he misunderstood. what is there to misunderstand?! surely the idea is, if your teammate is leading after last pitstop, you let him win unless the title race is on for you. it comes across as lying. he says he doesn't care about what people think but ultimately, surely any driver wants to leave a legacy. it doesn't matter if he wins 10 champs with redbull, he will not be regarded in the same breath as some of the other greats.this kind of dishonesty or selective memory doesn't help him.
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  14. I think that team orders are silly. Are they racing or not??? I want to see racing and battles and not ducklings following each other.

    I also got quite cheesed off that Nico was ordered to stay behind Hamilton.

    This is not racing for me. If I want to see cars following each other I'll just peep over the highways and watch cars following the leader....
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  15. I couldn't understand why Nico didn't overtook him. He is to long in F1 to be a puppet. It was the most stupid behaviour from him. Is he really able to be a Champion? His balls get shrinked very much. So dissapointed :thumbsdown:.
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  16. So with about 1/5th of the race left the team decided that Webber had done enough to take the win?
    So from that point on, the last exciting 1/5th of the race, we get to watch a procession?

    I think what Vettel did was the right thing. Team orders ruin the racing.

    For instance, why wasn't the team order the other way around? In the past Ferrari would let Schumi, the faster better driver, go past Barrichello, to allow him to take more points which might be valuable later in a hotly contested championship.
    Everyone complained then, booo hisss... the same is true here.

    Surely it's more likely Vettel will need the points later in the year, and he should have been allowed out ahead? Same constructors points, but more points for a driver more likely to need them?

    Red Bull's choice almost feels patronising to Webber really. It would have been an empty win had he got it... and both he and Vettel would have known it too.
  17. They are racing up to the last pit stop. Before that Vettel simply could not get past.

    The only way he got past was because he took advantage of a situation that he shouldn´t have.
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  18. Webber patronised by the team? That's something new... :O_o:
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  19. had webber stayed on his rich fuel setting...like vettle...vettle wouldnt have caught him...that's the way i see it...team orders suck i hate them more than the next guy...but pretty spineless of vettle...too bad webber didn't blast him like turkey a few years ago.
  20. Webber didn't had an answer for Vettel 's attack, don't tell me he wasn't aware off Seb or had not enough fuel:roflmao:. He almost pushed him to the barrier while defending. I suggest U watch the race again.
    Webber was delighted to crush Heidfeld and Couthard, now he is humiliated by German.
    Maybe Vettel will give up Championship to his team mate this year, Seb gets sentimental too, poor Mark :cry:.
    Bring on Chiniese GP.