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Webber Denies Disobeying Marshals

Discussion in 'Formula 1' started by Howard, Sep 25, 2013.

  1. Howard

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  2. I'm sorry but in that CCTV footage, I do not see any stewards waving at him to stop. I see a glimpse of stewards watching to the left side, but do not see anyone else. Maybe my eyes are going. Can somebody give me a hint as to where they are?
  3. Howard

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    I've just made an edit to clarify the CCTV footage, sorry for being misleading.
  4. It wouldn't have mattered if they all undressed, blew trumpets and held up placards saying "Don't go Mark", with all the noise and his Helmet still on he would have heard nothing :)
    There was plenty of room over to the right though...
  5. Surely Mr Webber is aware of ALL the rules pertaining to the do's and dont's regulating F1. Obviously in his present state of mind with him not doing too well, and leaving F1, he just doesn't care a damn about the rules as he should. It is well documented that under no circumstances may a driver give another driver a "lift", as it is deemed dangerous.
  6. Richard Hessels

    Richard Hessels

    Still 2 cars came by at speeds high enough the seriously hurt somebody.
  7. Sorry Ken but there's not any rule that limits drivers giving a lift to others. even says it in the article

    this vid show the on board of alonso and hamilton with there speed data as well

    by the time hamilton reached there he was doing 60km. Just as much as our speed limit is in any built up area.

  8. Ahhh thanks hahah wasn't sure
  9. The stewards have had to come out and continue to say that Webber didn't get the penalty for riding ontop of Alonso's car, as you said there isn't any regulation against that, rather he got the reprimand for not gaining permision to come back onto the track, that being his 3rd reprimand he got an automatic 10grid penalty (which the drivers were all in favour of this '3 strike' system after last year).

    It was a pretty stupid move anyways, you'd expect these drivers to know that stopping on the exit of the corner was dangerous, considering the cars are still doing some pretty good speeds, they arn't built around the idea of pedestrian safety as road cars are, and the fact that whoever comes around that corner could of been either waving to fans, communicating with the team or messing about on the wheel.

    Some sort of reprimand was needed.
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  10. I like Mark's character...'no nonsense/ straight-forward'. He comes across as a 'stand-up' guy.
    I do believe he's wrong in this case. Does it deserve ten places?...NO. Five maybe and a warning to all drivers
    Mark was the head of the GPDA. He knows the rules..
    Had he simply been at the side of the track and hitched a ride with Alonso, I think the stewards would be out of place.
    He simply ran too far onto the track surface to catch that ride. It's costly to him and RBR but it all could have ended in tears. Anybody who's beyond a certain age remembers Tom Pryce's accident from a track incursion and that was just some kid trying to save a driver. Both died on that sad day in South Africa. I remember it well.

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  11. Webbers done lots of dumb stuff and the officials where ready to throw the book at him as hes maxed out his 2013 total.
    Its just and handful of races and he can drive a Porche and piss of the other drivers in the series.
    I don't think the FIA or Red Bull will miss him much.
  12. Terry, it is his third reprimand and he deserved a 10 places penalty.