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weather, tyres bug

Discussion in 'F1 2012 - The Game' started by dejanibanez, Oct 1, 2012.

  1. race 100% rain, everyone starts with intermediates, the track is dry but its raining , serius lack of grip, everyone pits after 1st lap and put an option tyres, the whole race the track is dry even if its raining, wtf??!
  2. try restart race after start, maybe help.
  3. i did, same thing, i have only patch 1, maybe patch 2 fixes it
  4. Chris

    Ted Kravitz Appreciation Society Staff Member Premium Member

    Patch #2 does fix this. :)
  5. the option tyres on wet race is fixed
    but are there still lacking of grip?
  6. Today I was doing a great race at Kuala Lumpur, great battle with Lewis, I was 1st after 12 laps when started to rain so I pitted and the surprise was that I got used tyres, It felt like driving on ice, not grip at all.
  7. When is patch #2 available on ps3? I'm having an issue with incorrect weather information (obviously screwing me with the Parc Ferme rules!)
  8. I have noticed that in wet condition if you put rain tyres when the right choice is intermediate, you'll find the car has no grip at all. :cautious: The 2011 version was better. There you could watch the tyres temperature to see when it's time to change tyres compound.
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  9. Peter Hooper

    Peter Hooper
    Premium Member

    Can you not do the same in 2012.. I raced last night and changed from inters to primes based on the tyres temp indiacator.. seemed to work ok although I left it a lap too long really (Xbox version)
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  10. I restarted the race twice, first I put Inter, the second time I put Wet, the car behave the same. The tyre were orange :O_o:
  11. I had the same problem on Season 2 Bahrein.
  12. I think the weathersystem in F1 2012 is a disaster. In Malaysia it started to rain in practice and I changed to intermediates. The car was undrivable. In the first turn the car went straight in 80 km/h when I was turning right. I went in to the pits and the engineer told me to take wets. I did but the same thing happened again. The AI cars drove past me with Options!?!
    In my race in Melbourne the system told me that it was 0 % chance for rain but in the race all cars started with intermediates and it was intermediates all race but NO RAIN! The sun was shining all race! I've driven 3 seasons in F1 2010 and nothing like this happened.
  13. totally agree with you the weather system on this game is funky to say the least, was racing silverstone, think it was about lap 9 my guy is telling me its raining
    but its nice and sunny, this goes on for another 5 laps then as soon as i pass the pits the sky goes black and its monsoon weather then its all over, re started race same thing happened, came into the pits when he tells me there is rain but its sunny and no grip on the wet tires, also in career mode the weather info your given in your emails is nothing like the info when you go to the race. now this may sound stupid but how do you get a patch for the game ? or is it automatic when you sign in and load the game up ?
  14. I noticed this too. I thought maybe the difference in grip between light rain and heavy rain has an extremely narrow window. Intermediates go from good performance to totally useless instantly as soon as the rain reaches a certain point, likewise wets provide zero grip until the rain hits a very specific point of severity.

    Thanks in advance for all the useful comments from the "you don't know how to drive" crowd . . . . . . .