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Weather in career race weekend

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by My993C2, Dec 4, 2010.

  1. I think the dynamic weather feature in F1 2010 is pretty cool, but I have to ask WTF is going on with what I am looking at for my race weekend in China. P1 and P2 are done and they were both done under sunny skies and a dry track. For the race they are forecasting light rain (meaning it could start wet and stop part way through, or it could start dry and get wet, or maybe be wet the entire race). Fine enough I am cool with this. But things are totally messed up for P3, Q1, Q2 and Q3. P3 is forecasting sunny skies and a dry track. But Q1 is forecasting heavy rain, Q2 will be sunny skies and a dry track followed by Q3 and back to heavy rain. WTF? Just make it wet will you. Maybe heavy rain, light rain followed by heavy rain for the three qualifying sessions. What's with the bright sunny skies and a dry track forecast for Q2? LOL
  2. Yeah the Qualifying weather is not the least bit realistic. Considering that there's only 15 minutes between each Q session. There is no way you would have a completely wet Q1 and a totally dry Q2! Annoying!
  3. This game just screwed me out of a good starting position with this crazy Wet-to-dry-to-wet qualifying weather. To prepare for Q1 in China I did a non-career practice session in heavy rain using a setup I got from these forums. The setup under-steered like crazy so I spent the session creating my own setup and by the end of practice I was able to lap pretty fast in the wet. So I went into Q1 and actually posted the third best time using the HRT against Legends AI opponents and the RDD True AI mod (though I must hang my head in shame, as I did have traction control and ABS turned on for Q1). However in Q2 in the dry using a different reasonably good dry weather setup against the same AI I could only get 15th place in the crappy HRT and my teammate Senna out qualified me for the first time this season. grrrrrrrrrrr ... if Q2 had stayed wet I had a good shot at making Q3. LOL