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Mods Weather Improvements - UK 1.04

Realistic color lovers

  1. ojciecmajster submitted a new resource:

    Weather Improvements - UK - Realistic color lovers

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  2. nice!
  3. Hi! I just want to ask if I'm the only one who has the following symptoms, fairly low-res "blocky" sky.
    NOTE! this has nothing to do with your Sky mod, i had this before I installed it.
    I run 3840x2160 resolution and on high so I think it should look good but the sky is as I said pixelated and looks blocky. Download picture and enlarge it.
    Is grateful for all ideas of what this may be due to:)[​IMG] [​IMG]

    Picture: http://www.ladda-upp.se/bilder/cdtlvbfnfwltgi/
    Last edited: Dec 20, 2015
  4. thanks a lot. merry xmas.:cool:
  5. Yep, blocky sky was also in orginal one. I think this is by file compressing. This texture is also blocky. I havnt HD in this case.
  6. simply fantastic!, go to germany, and all the county are perfect!!, montecarlo, i think it's perfect and no need any change, you have reason!
  7. ojciecmajster, do you know the resolution of the original sky pictures, maybe they are in low resolution by default for some reason?
    I really would have beautiful sky in high resolution, at least in daytime : )
    But maby it wold be hard on the FPS : (
    Sorry for my bad Englich.
  8. 8196x2048 - file size .pssg is 5 mb
    This is to much compression i think. I used 4096x1024 textures als bmp and convert to DDX 888 32bit. Then texture size is 22mb
  9. Ok, i dont know what all that mean, but do you think it is possible to get the sky in high resulution so realistik and butyful as possible?
  10. Should files be missing in route 0-1?
  11. Nope, it stay orginal one by Codemasters. Folder is under future development.
  12. Okey! Keep it up! looks real good!
  13. Little reduced blocky skies, thats a step in the right direction : )
  14. well done. merry xmas.:cool:
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  15. Awesome work!
  16. Please, can someone send me the entire uk folder? I lost some files...thank you in advance!