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We already have rfDynHud?

Discussion in 'Formula Truck 2013' started by baccobest, Mar 30, 2013.

  1. How you guys doing? Do we already have rfDynHud for Ftruck?
  2. yeah just use the one from GSC it should work right away. Same for the Spotter I upped.
  3. Where do i put the files for rfDynHud?
  4. Plugins Folder
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  5. Thanks for that, however i cant get it or the spotter mod to work.
  6. make sure to have Java installed, I can garantue that it works with Java 6 and I'm certain that it works with Java 7 aswell. Atleast that is for DynHUD.
    The Spotter might be something different.As it goes into its own folder, requires you to have files in the sounds folder and has some files in the plugin folder aswell.
    Make sure to run the config for this atleast once and to check whether your pack is aiming at the right path. I uploaded some spotter files to GSC recently so you might throw an eye on it - but only literally
  7. You must have 32bit java 6 to run DynHUD, even on 64 bit systems :)
  8. No need for Java with spotter. Iirc you have to run config at least once and point it to right dir, defaults are probably wrong. Like mighty mavs said.
  9. The brake wear is not showing it properly... It reachs 0% and even negatives numbers but the truck stills can brake normally....

    Any thoughts?