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WC S1 | Stewarding Thread

Discussion in 'PS4 | F1 2016 Weekday Championship' started by Mikey Woolford, Aug 11, 2016.

  1. Mikey Woolford

    Mikey Woolford
    Part of tCreative.

    Weekday Championship - Season 1 - Stewarding Thread

    Located within this thread will be the information required to lodge complaints to the stewards.

    Your driver stewards for this season are:
    - Myself (Mikey): wooly51
    - Saif: SJM1337
    - Ashley: shyguy2008

    To lodge a complaint, please place a post in this thread within the following format:

    - Race Title:
    - Who(s) the complaint is lodged against:
    - Session (Qualifying or Race):
    - Lap Number (if Race):
    - A description of the incident:

    All reports must be made within 48 hours of completion of the Grand Prix, any reports made after this time will not be investigated. A video or image is not required, however evidence to support your claim will be beneficial. As will any proof of in-game penalties awarded as a result.
    We may ask for a defense from the driver(s) involved if we believe the case to be less straightforward.

    Your claim will then be reviewed by the 4 stewards with a majority decision going. In the event of a 2-2 decision, a non-championship steward will be drafted in to give their decision.

    The stewards decision is final and each case will be reviewed on a ''case by case'' basis. However, previous decisions and championship attitude may be borne in mind while making decisions.
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  2. Why cannot it not be mandatory to record the first 15mins of the race :O_o: ??
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  3. May be something we have to consider now we know everyone has the capability to within 2-3 double taps of the share button.
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  4. And how about the fastest lap in qualy? as you can gain so much...
  5. I think we covered this last time that I would hope most people in this league will be clean and the game is already quite strict, I also discussed the idea of qualifying lap comparisons just for some insight into the different lines between drivers but I suppose that's also a way to randomly police track limits.

    The thing is this league experience is also supposed to be about having fun, of course we have rules and regulations for fair racing but we don't want to be dictators in a sense where we have to sit and check every little element.
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  6. The problem with that is that I've seen before that people have different meanings of track limits. For me it's simple, it's the white line and you have to stay with at least 2 tyres on it to be within track limits... If I see unrealistic lap times, I'll have to adjust my driving to it... For me fun racing is fair racing and there are easy ways of showing we do it fair and clean...
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  7. I think the game , especially during qualifying, is really strict on track limits, during the race you get warnings etc and you can push your luck without punishment sometimes, more often than not it slows you down.

    I wouldn't like to enforce recording in any way, it's a distraction I don't need.
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  8. Agree 100%
  9. The problem is track limits is such a sketchy thing nowadays, even in real life nowadays half of the time the FIA allow drivers to run out 4 wheels and still keep their lap times.

    The basic principal we have here is that you attempt to keep 2 wheels on the track at all times, sometimes enevitbely you will get some bit of the wheels on the grass when you are pushing to the limits but remember we aren't professional racing drivers, we can't be inch perfect.

    What we don't want is people having 2 wheels on the grass and the other two on the kerb, but I think Codemasters have done an excellent job with the track limits and the 3 warning system so naturally drivers will tend to cut less because it's not even worth the risk with the strict penalty system.
  10. What if your wheel doesn't have a share button though?
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  11. Jamie-Lee Mayers

    Jamie-Lee Mayers
    Just Another Racer

    What ps4 wheel doesn't have one? Also, I would assume the share button on the pad works the same way, so use that to share?
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  12. My gte wheels share button is multi use, there's a chance I could hit pause and the home button in the same movement.
  13. You use the share button on the game-pad whether your on a wheel or pad :rolleyes:
  14. Crikey..... I'd rather not save a clip than plow into someone trying to reach my pad. :)
  15. As you finish Quali & the screen freezes before going black & moving you to the garage pre-race gives everyone a perfect 20 second window to reach the pad & double click the share button to record the first 15mins.

    No crashes no drama
  16. So there's no need for further recording?

    Just curious then, why do we need to record the first 15 minutes? Is it to police race starts or for qualifying policing ?

    I'm not sure what we gain, we never had this in the past and incidents were resolved nicely.
  17. I thought double tapping share saves the last 15 mins that has already been cached? Not the upcoming 15mins. Could be wrong though, never tried it.
  18. As I said, just stream it, easy peasy... And if you think this game is doing good in terms of track limits, then I'm wondering if this is also where I doubt people have the same meaning about track limits...
  19. I haven't made a decision to enforce anything so far, it's an evolving process, if we feel the need to as we go along then it's something we will consider but not at the moment.

    Right now I'm prepared to give everyone the benefit of the doubt, I raced with a lot of people here before on Project Cars and all the F1 games on PS3 and we never really had many issues.

    If you want a dictatorship style league, I'd recommend anyone to head towards AOR and even then, this isn't the game for you, you'd be better on an rFactor 2 or something, if you want a calm and relaxed and fun league, which does have rules and regulations that must be followed but won't spy on you like a big brother society, then this is the place for you.

    But like I said, if I become aware that some people are starting to corner cut, take advantage etc, or if we start getting numerous incidents, I'm open minded to bringing in recording in future races, I'm just not enforcing it for Australia.

    You have to remember, you have a brake pedal or a brake button for a reason, use it, incidents happen but I don't want to see ridiculous behavior at the first corner.

    The first pre-season race I thought went really well in terms of people keeping clean, the only issue that happened in that race was Lynchy's lag which caused little chaos at the end of lap 1 but he has fixed his lag now and that shouldn't be a problem going forward.
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  20. Jamie-Lee Mayers

    Jamie-Lee Mayers
    Just Another Racer

    You got to post that before I did saif lol, I completely agree with everything you said, this is not fsr, where you have to hand over replay files and telemetry data after every session and I know I speak for all the other stewards when I say I'm not prepared to sit through hours of everyone's entire streams looking for a cut or extension. If you want that, like saif said, this isn't the place for you. Also, can I make a request and ask you all to use the general chat instead if you want to continue this. I'd like to keep this to stewards enquires only from now on.
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