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WC Highlights - Round 6, Great Britain

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Johannes Kunkel, Jul 8, 2013.

  1. The Highlights package for the British GP.

    Sorry for the delay guys.
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  2. Morand will be having nightmares seeing that thumbnail! :laugh:

    Great work once again to the editing team though :thumbsup:
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  3. The thumbnail actually made me think of something.

    To some people, the highlights might be the only way they know about FSR. So, when seeing the video thumbnail before watching the video, they will see the spoiler of a Ghostspeed car crashing. So, one idea is to have custom thumbnails uploaded and used for the Highlights.
  4. [​IMG]

    Cant Argue with that good idea:cool:
  5. I agree.
  6. I posted these highlights on the Midweek Motorsport collective group on Facebook, and someone made what I think is a decent suggestion. Not sure what you guys think but would there be any potential in creating a short 60-90 second recap of the race, kind of like how BBC do for F1 on their website? The theory would be that it could give those outside of sim racing an incentive to watch the full highlights afterwards.
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  7. do you mean a promo for the highlights if you mean that then that is a brilliant idea

  8. No, like a 'Race in 60 Seconds' thing, usually seen near the end of the F1 Broadcasts (BBC/Sky)
  9. oh you mean like these


  10. Exactly.
  11. I have now changed the thumbnail, sorry if it caued any spoilers for someone.

    These 60 seconds impression videos are very nice indeed, however I see several problems producing them. In general the shorter the video the harder to produce. I just counted the clips used in this example, which is 43 different clips in 42 seconds including commentary which should be taken from broadcasts obviously, but I see a huge amount of work in these. Just as a sidenote, the Highlights itself don´t have much more clips then this video (around 60 if i remember correctly), which means the work amount is probably similar, plus Videos fitting to Music are difficult and getting Music you are actually allowed to use is a nightmare. I have been trying in the past but have never been able to produce anything worth comparing to a 60s race recap, I think ol´master Simon himself can do it, but would probably run all the way to Mordor to escape the task :p

    One other thing that makes these videos really good are the faces and people you see which is a factor that is obviously completely missing in simracing.

    But Maybe I´m just overthinking it and someone could do a great job producing them. :)