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Tracks Watkins Glen (Short Course) 1.0

Watkins Glen

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  1. conosur1

    @ Simberia @Simberia

    Great job! :geek:
  2. the cars are not dropping:(:(
  3. Fast Furman

    Fast Furman

    Very nice work thank u
  4. Thanks for this classic track. It's been a favorite of mine on GTL and GTR2. I'm wondering when you'll get the extended layout in working order? I decided to drive around the barrier at the crossover point and that section appears to be just about complete, albeit a little bumpy. Keep up the good work!
  5. Dexter


    the time per laps is not correct, is too short
  6. Any improvements on this track? Graphics, lap counters?
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  7. This has always been my favorite track! love it. anyway to make Ai not lag so bad?
  8. Any chance of making one with an open GP section. Enjoying it with some friends!
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  9. I have problems when I try to run a race on this track, First issue is that all the other cars (10) disappear as soon as the race starts. The next issue I get is the CPU occupancy @ 95% and lastly it looks like crap, I can see the graphics being drawn i.e the fence as I am driving up to the chicane and other places also. Does anyone else have these issues? I should mention that I can run races on all the stock tracks and have done so with up to 20 cars with no issues whatsoever.
  10. What i find really amazing is that the WHOLE track is there, and we get to drive the short course.

    The shoe part is the interesting part and every time i drive past it i think, what a waste not to include this.
  11. Ysu


    It's a good conversion of the one layout - I'd love to see the long layout, too.

    But more importantly, it'd be essential
    - to get the timing fixed (we run a race the other night and had times of a couple of seconds registered)
    - get the pit fixed. You simply can't pit.

    As it is, it's a nice but useless track, sadly.
  12. this track doesn´t work with the latest update of Assetto Corsa, I mean, the AI doesn´t work, it stop in the start line, any update of the track??
  13. The banking seems a lot more that I have seen on PCars or iRacing. The track seems wide a quite a few points as well. I'm no expert, just love the track.