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Water Blue Racing needs Drivers

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Georgios Davakos, Oct 11, 2010.

  1. Water Blue Racing seat for 2011 WT

    Hello evryone, Water Blue Racing attemts to join FSR WT 2011 season and we need one more driver. We are after an active driver who practices hard and will be racing full season. We don't have high expectations such as the driver most be as quick as the top 10 and most be scoring points on evry race but we would like him to do his best to score some points for the team.

    Water Blue Racing is a growing team who have started sim-racing since early 2009. We have almost 2 years of sim-racing experience and specialy when it comes to open-wheels. We have a very well organized team with drivers with active drivers who will be there to help there fellow team mate if he needs help with the setup or to find the best Race strategy for each race. Most of the members will also help there team mate even if he doesn't ask for help which is something really good to have in the team.

    Water Blue Racing in currently racing in 7 leagues and we have gain some wins and some podiums. I have personaly been following the FSR for 2 years now and thought that it was time that Water Blue Racing joined FSR.
  2. looking for a team in 2011 f1 ws/wt series
  3. Water Blue Racing is looking for a second driver for the FSR WT 2011 season since we lost our 2nd driver.

    Water Blue Racing is one of the most organized teams in RD and we have almost 2 years sim-racing experience under our belt. We are looking for an team deticated driver who will support his team and stay active as a team membmer of Water Blue Racing.

    We want the driver to be concistant and quite quick. (we will be doing alot of testing and practice before each race so he will find the speed but we dont want him to be dead slow) We also want him to have some sim-racing experience and specialy with rFactor.

    Water Blue Racing promises full support from the team members with thr setup, pit stop strategy and engine strategy. We will be organizing alot of practice days on our servers so the drivers can meet up and help each other with improving there driving around the track.

    If you are intrestid to join Water Blue Racing for the 2011 season of WT then send me a PM.
    If you are intrestid to join Water Blue Racing as a test/reserv driver or to just become a member then go to our website and join our forum.

    Link to our website: http://waterblueracing.webstarts.com/index.html