WARM WELCOME - Flying Dutchman Racing & Motor AG Motorsports

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Teams Challenge' started by David Garcia, Aug 17, 2010.

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  1. David Garcia

    David Garcia

    Say hello to the new teams joining STC,

    these are the well known and historic Flying Dutchman Racing with number 15 and the brand new romanian team Motor AG Motorsports owned by David Zafiu with number 16.

    More info on STC Main site.

    Welcome onboard guys!
  2. Ross Balfour

    Ross Balfour

    Ah more RD teams :D - Welcome guys, nice to race with some more familiar names :)
  3. Bryan Stark

    Bryan Stark

    Welcome Flying Dutchman & Motor AG Motorsports look forward to see you on track :)
  4. Flavio Borgna

    Flavio Borgna

    great welcome guys :)
  5. Grégory Cogotti

    Grégory Cogotti

    Welcome Flying dutchmen mates :)
  6. David Zafiu

    David Zafiu

    Thank you all!! We are pelased to be with you also! Full of happy in the entire team.
  7. Bram

    # 27 | Roaring Pipes Maniacs

    Welcome to all new teams :) May the STC force be with you :doublethumb:
  8. Hugo Hekkenberg

    Premium Licensed
    Hugo Hekkenberg

    Hello all,

    I woke up this morning and i checked my mail (yes i know, first the girl, then mail ;-)). There was a Private message from David:

    Hello Hugo & Yuri,

    I have great news! :wink: Looks like we will have a slot for your team in the STC Championship this next season, Black Cup 2010, witch is starting in September.

    bla bla...

    Cheers & welcome onboard,

    And after i read that i was quiet..... For 10 seconds.... YEEEEEEEHAAAAWWWWW, WE ARE INNNNN.

    We are the FDR team and we are mostly active @ Racedepartment. Yuri, Wesley and me found each-other with the RDTCC league and we had a lot of fun. They had the FDR name, and i had the money ;)

    The new FDR team was born.

    Now we have 14 members all with their own specialty. We are all in for some great races here at the STC and the complete team is happy as hell.

    See you all on the track guys

  9. Yuri Braham

    Yuri Braham

    Tnx for the warm welcome guys.
    Can't wait for the start of the Black Cup. I see a lot of great names among the teams/drivers.
    A new challenge for the FDR team!
  10. Let me also welcome you.
  11. Andreas Hultgren

    Andreas Hultgren

    Welcome to STC guys :)
  12. Eckhart von Glan

    Eckhart von Glan

    great additions, welcome onboard, hope I get the Romanian names right :)
  13. Tom Ilsbroux

    Tom Ilsbroux

    Welcome, very interesting to see new teams. looking forward to it.
  14. James Chesters

    James Chesters

    Welcome to you both. :)

    But, how many teams are we now ? I assume they come as replacement of DHR, but I'm losing the count...
  15. David Garcia

    David Garcia

    Replacement for both DMSv James...
  16. Andreas Hultgren

    Andreas Hultgren

    Indeed. Look at the STC site down where the headlines are and you can read about it. It went down there quite quick because of other news arriving.
  17. Georgios Davakos

    Georgios Davakos

    I know this have been a very big dream of David Zafiu to have his team in STC and I am very happy that he managed to do it. Now I wish him and his team good luck with the Black Cup and I hope they will achive lots of successes in the future.
  18. Massimo Martin

    Massimo Martin

    :signup:A big welcome to the new teams! See you on track :)
  19. Yeah, nice to see you in ;)
  20. Simon Melhuish

    Simon Melhuish

    Welcome guys, looking forward to competing with you :)
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