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Want to upgrade my wheel, have questions

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Menos Ott, Sep 23, 2016.

  1. Hey everyone,

    I am considering an upgrade of my current wheel. Right now I have a Logitech Driving Force GT. But I am ready for an upgrade. I have been looking around online and on these forums, but I am a little lost in all the possibilities, especially from Thrustmaster.
    I had been considering Fanatec gear for a while, but finally decided against it because of the price. So I am looking at Thrustmaster. But I am lost in their array of products and their website isn't helping much either.
    I have made a little list of things I would like in a wheel and hopefully you guys here can guide me into the direction of the best wheel.

    - The wheel is going the be used on PC
    - At least 900 degrees rotation and a clutch paddle.
    - Detachable wheel fonts (I do intent on getting custom rims). Will likely get the Thrustmaster Ferrari F1 wheel as an extra rim
    - The wheel is going to be clamped to a desk for the foreseeable future.
    - Would love for it to be quieter than the Driving Force GT, but it can't be louder.
    - Needs to be at least a little future proof. Will likely keep it until I invest in a fully fledged rig.

    Costs isn't too much of an issue, but I did find getting Fanatec gear would be too expensive right now.

    Which wheels would you guys suggest and why?
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  3. The T300/TX desk clamp is reasonable, although I found that cutting out a piece of "non-slip" mat and putting that on the table surface helps hugely to keep things stable.

    The T300 is a massive upgrade from DFGT. It's much quieter (although there is a fan which makes a bit of noise), much smoother, far more powerful. The stock T300RS pedals are poor, only fractionally better than the DFGT ones. Moving up to T3PA pedals is a big improvement for threshold braking.

    I am a big fan of my T300, and think it's the best option around for "sensible" money right now (and I am comparing it to the DFGT, G25, Fanatec Porsche and T500, all of which I also own). Yes, Thrustmaster has been having some quality issues and you see guys having issues more with Thrustmaster than Fanatec or Logitech, but despite that I still recommend the T300 for the price/quality it gives.

    While there aren't really any price-equivalent alternatives to a Thrustmaster set (like the T300 Alcantara), Fanatec is soon to release the CSL Elite wheelbase and pedals. It's probably a small step up in quality and you could put together a combination of the 2 pedal version, CSL Elite base and Formula rim which would potentially not be hugely more expensive than Thrustmaster if you factor in the F1 rim cost. I'd definitely consider it if you're PC only. Reviews of the CSL Elite base are gradually coming out now.
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  4. Thanks for the information.
    @Skazz you got me doubting to maybe save up for the new Fanatec CSL Elite wheelbase. Would only be a relatively small increase in price, but in the end more future proof as I do see myself using Fanatec gear when I start building my rig. The Fanatec formula rim is absolutely beautiful.

    @PicoBp Thanks for the info on the Thrustmaster site. For some reason I found it hard to get one or two wheels that were the best and the T300 Alacantara seems the best if I do decide to go for Thrustmaster.

    All in all, thanks for the quick reply, now I have to start saving up and decide on the brand.
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