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Want to upgrade my pedals (Sorta)

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Jesse Rowland, Sep 23, 2016.

  1. Ok, so i have G27 pedals at the moment and have been looking at getting the Thrustmaster T3PA pedals since my G27 Pots are going. I just wanted to see what you guys would think about this and whether or not I should wait to get a set along the lines of the Pro T3PA's or a set of Fanatec pedals.

    Also, does anyone know how many times a year Proto Sim Tech make batches of their PT-1 pedals? Not that i have the money for them yet though -_-
  2. PicoBp

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  3. I have cleaned the pots time and time again and the spiking stays away for about a week then slowly makes its way back. I do also like the look of the T3PA pedals with the conical brake mod which is why im thinking about just getting a complete new set of pedals altogether.

    Thank you for your input :)
  4. PicoBp

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    I switched from G27 to T3PA myself, and they are nothing exceptional, but the conical mod is a nice addition. I kinda even prefer it to load cells. The overall build quality is similar to the G27, with 4x the resolution on each pedal (1024 steps on the T3PA vs. 256 on the G27).

    P.S.: The new Fanatec CSL Elite LC pedals also look promising for a reasonable price point.
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  5. Oh boy, those CSL pedals look very promising. I think that they would be a great upgrade compared to the G27 i have now. The video has definitely made my mind up and i think ill go for these pedals once they are released in th EU.
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  6. Better to get the Pro's as they can be inverted and you can add load cells to brake pedal. I had Fanatec v3's pedals but they never worked out of the box I got a refund for them after along wait and many emails to them. I'm sticking with thrustmaster never had any problems their gear.
  7. Digi Key in the states supplied me with new potentiometers for my G27 pedals. Believe I bought 5 & shipped to the UK for £25... I have 2 pedal sets & changed both brake & accelerator so work fine.

    Just bought a set of newly serviced Club Sport v1 which will arrive Tuesday.