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"Wandering AI" in practice and qualification

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by Sk3ptik0n, Dec 6, 2011.

  1. Can anybody tell me what is the purpose of the AI driving drunk in singleplayer practice and qualification?

    I constantly see cars running before me and I assume the AI is also trying to qualify, as on the map they seem to maintain a decent speed. Then, as I get closer, they slow down dramatically and eventually I can catch them easily.But as I get closer they start weaving and actually cross my path. This seems to me a behavior that has been programmed in them, but I cannot fathom the reason why. No human qualifier (or even any human in a practice run) would drive like that. Either they are qualifying and they should go as fast as possible maintaining their line, or they are on their outlap, in which case they should get the hell out of my way.

    Any explanations for that?
  2. I don't play this game much TBH but we have all been a victim of AI swerving around in front of us...i have a theory as to why:

    I remember before game was released CM said they were much more intelligent. From my experience, when they slow to let you pass, they basically wait until you are nearly on them, they analyse what your "racing line" is and they move to the other side of the road. Problem is, we are on a hotlap coming up behind them and they suddenly go slower so we move over (whether that's slowly or quickly - doesn't matter) and so do they! I have found when coming up behind them, when you sense they are going to slow for you, move over to the other side asap giving them plenty of notice of your intended line OR stay on your/their line, keep your foot planted and they will, last second move outta the way. This is what i have found anyway.
    So they are actually more intelligent....just not race savvy intelligent. If they were, after backing out of it they should stay OFF racing line and NOT MOVE SIDEWAYS. :)
  3. Yes, I remember reading that too. I forgotabout it.
    I'll try doing that. Admittedly, I get confused and I may swerve a bit myself trying to guess which way they are going. Maybe I am confusing them too and that's why I plow into them.

    Too bad about this game. So much promise after the fiasco of 2010, but still a bit off the mark.
  4. In 2010 they would drive super slow to let you get around them but then, AS SOON as you passed them their eyes would go red and they would drive flat out as if they were on a hot lap. It was so frustrating that if I found an AI I would just slow the car and wait for a gap, or just hope that the flying lap option would put me in a sensible spot to do a lap.

    2011 is MUCH better than that!
  5. I noticed the same thing, they are much better than in 2010.
    Best thing is really on a hotlap when you are approaching a slow car on the racing line to stay on the throttle and aim for their rear, they move away when you are close.
  6. I've found the same as Bill said. Don't move from the racing line to overtake them, just stay on it and the AI car will move away unless it's on a hot lap. Then this won't happen.
  7. Peter Hooper

    Peter Hooper

    I think we have all probably found the same thing at times. They do make you very nervous when you approach them and you are on a good lap. I have ploughed into the back of them plenty of times after moving across and finding them virtually mirroring my move lol. As has been said sticking to your line is supposed to be the best way as they should read this and move out of the way.