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Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by ALVAZ, Jun 27, 2009.

  1. hi, amaizing, AI cars can pass through walls, yeah, I dont know how do they do, but walls are set to collide, and of course you can collide with them, anyone experimented this problem?

  2. I do, but the other way around, they collide and sometimes I don´t. Strange. Some ripples are also set to be drivable, but you just go through them, as if they weren´t there.
  3. Try set material as "double-faced". Maybe you can crash only one side of the wall, do a test.
  4. Kris Vickers

    Kris Vickers
    Hardware Staff

    Drivable just includes it as part of the drivable track.

    To be solid, you need to set 'colide' :glasses-cool:
  5. HI, festa, I know that, in fact, I collide with all the walls, the problem is that AI cars can pass through them, and I ensure you, that all walls are set to collide.

  6. Kris Vickers

    Kris Vickers
    Hardware Staff

    I was refering to wacha90`s problem with the kerbs. :)

    I`m not sure what your problem would be with the walls though
  7. Yeah, I realized after posting, :)

  8. The AI can pass through walls that come out into their driveable area [corridors] with no problem. I just checked by putting a wall across my pit exit - I collided with it but they all drove straight through!

    So maybe you've moved a wall but not adjusted the AIW corridors? Have a look in the editor and see if the corridors need adjusting.
  9. Once my track is almost finished i plan to turn collision off on all my walls.
    Then i will put in a low poly one sided wall with collide on but not to render.
    This way if you have complex objects it takes less resources to calculate the collision.
    See the pic of my barrier, it is quite complex.
    The collision seems unnatural & can throw the car up in the air too easily.
    So the invisible wall should solve this & save resources.

    Maybe this technique will help you.


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  10. hi, mmm I will check the corridors!!!, sure, I did not adjust it

  11. hi, lets talk about corridors, there are 3 zones, correct me if I m wrong,
    1- White = left driveable area
    2- Red = right driveable area
    3- Blue = non driveable area
    ok, I think that to avoid walls passing trough, white and red corridors must not pass trough walls, right?, beacuse not, we are "telling AI cars, that is an authorized area of the track",
    I ve solved, i think, the problem in pit line, that as you know allways is a mess of corridors,
    but let´s talk about blue corridors, I think that that is an area which is not easy to find a AI car, I mean that AI cars do not enter this zone unless, they have an accident, or the AI car go out of the track, so the question is : have we to limit blue corridors until the walls?, I ask that, because I ve watched AI cars pass trough walls in a part of the track,having an accident, which left and right corridors are right set
    so...what do you think?

    the question is how to move blue corridors, ¿??¿

    thank you very much for your time
  12. The thing to remember with the AI is that they have no connection with what you see on screen, they go round in their own world dictated only by the corridors in the AIW file. All the track objects and features are ignored, even the track itself doesn't exist for them. For example, if you lower your track by 3 metres but don't change the AIW file they will happily drive round 3m above the track. As they don't recognise objects at all, if you add objects/walls etc on the track they will drive straight through them. The only time walls etc are recognised is when you do the corridors in the editor.

    Collision settings for walls, objects etc only apply to human drivers.

    They rarely go outside the white and red areas, but if they do because of an accident or whatever then if there's any object there they'll go through it.

    To adjust the corridors in the rFactor AIW editor:
    As long as corridors are being shown, you may select waypoints and move the corridors with the SHIFT key and the arrows. left and right to move the right corridor in and out, and up and down to move the left corridor in and out. You can select multiple waypoints at a time to edit, or you select a series of waypoints and chose the "normalize Blocks" option, which moves all the corridors inward to make a smooth transition from the 2 waypoints not selected on either end.
    [From AIWEditing.rtf in the Devfiles 'AIW Editor Docs' folder]

    I hope this helps :smile:
  13. Hi, ok, I ve set them, to fit to the track, but there is no way to move the blue lines, non driveable areas, is there?

    So, if I did not bad understand, they will go trough any object if they go outside the corridors, red & white, right?, I dont know, but I almost sure that if could move the blue lines, the problem will be solved, because in one turn of my circuit, the cars that have an accident crash with the wall, blue lines dont go through the wall, but in another turn, the blue lines go through, and they can go through, mmmmm, curious, isnt it?

  14. Yes, you can move the blue lines. When you move the red/white corridors in or out in the editor the blue line will move with them.
  15. hi, hum, I didnt realized, I will adjust them, better

  16. if you wait for v0.8 you be able to adjust corridors in btb.along with garges,and pits

  17. hi, yeah, but I could not wait!!!, I dont know where Piddy is going to release it

    But I Think I found the problem, you must "find Corridors" in AIW EDITOR with your final track, with walls, I found them with a simply track, and I think it was the problem, But I Still have to confirm it