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Wall problems video included

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by dampire, Apr 10, 2009.

  1. Wall problems video included (updated w/ img)

    made a non-rendered straight wall going through ground to fix the lag from hitting the elevated wall, i assume i was getting stuck under?
    Still have not found an easy way to fix the sheen other than importing it into 3ds max and manually remaping it.

    Original problem:
    Making guardrails with the wall tool.

    Here is a screen shot of the last wall in the video.


    Problems I am experiencing.
    There seem to be flipped normals or something else affecting some rails where they are very shiny in certain areas vs the other rails. Concrete texture is used as a stand-in till I get my texture pack done.

    There also seems to be a collision issue where the car will go beyond the guardrail before its deflected.

    Here is the video


    update 2: its the mod seems oversteer mod has cars that cant colide right
  2. That would be much more easier if you create one in max,
    then import it as a sobject. That is just a suggestion...
  3. While I am know 3ds max I have not seen any tutorials on how to properly put them into BTB using xpacker.

    But yeah it would be easier :) even though i would have to redo all 47 rails I have up so far lol
  4. you can use the sobjects to create walls, so you really only need to define one guardrail if they are all the same, and spline it around the track.
    if they are different in shape,then maybe added a few variants to xpacker.
  5. You doesn't need any tutorial to use xpacker. Look it and you will understand all by yourself. There is always help index in BTB to help you figure out what the options do. If you create a simple guardrail and import as a sobject, only thing you will need to do is drag with mouse click, this way, you can add kilometers of guardrails in just a few seconds. If you need help, write here specific question and I'm sure people will try to help you out. Good luck :)