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wall export to 3ds max question

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by dampire, Apr 8, 2009.

  1. is there a way just to import a line or spine?

    I am making guardrails and the walls in BTB have 4 points and dont have a back side when you unfold them.

    Also noticed a problem when you run into the END of these makeshift guardrails I made they will lock your game up giving you 1 fps till you are away from that section.

    I am trying to do as much as i can in BTB before i put it in 3ds max and having a line or spine i can loft would be easier than dealing with the current walls.

    Suggestions welcome :)
  2. Go to Edit Materials tab,
    select your wall texture & check double sided.
    make sure you hit ok.

    Now your wall should have a back on it.

    Haven't had any slowdown with the ends myself.
    Anyone else??

    If you really need a spline you could reduce a wall to just 2 points & clean up the excess in Max.

  3. forgot about the magic CTRL button for adding points (would be nice to have the ability to set exact x / y but I can survive by editing the xml I guess).

    Thanks for the 2 sided thing . . .

    I think the game is bugging out because its an open shape, was a C shape with the back of the C being open, and the car was getting either under the guardrail causing the extreme lag or hitting the end of the guardrail.

    Going to lower it a little or put an imaginary wall there.

    Here is another question for ya.
    At what point does the wall come in contact with the vehicle?
    I am noticing it come INTO the car currently. Does this mean it comes in contact at the X value or is it because of the odd shape? I would assume it would contact the car as soon as it touches the surface of the wall.
  4. I'm not sure exactly but i would assume it would collide at first contact with the wall.
    It will also be dependant on the collision values on the vehicle.

    I also have a wall where the car seems to go inside it but am yet to investigate it properly.
    It's from an old project so I'll probably delete it & start over anyway.