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"Waffle and Chit Chat" Thread

Discussion in 'PS3 | Sunday Night Championship' started by Sandy Smith, Oct 27, 2011.

  1. Cheers for the practice session last night guys was extremely usefull and informative, has made me look at the art of setup in this game from a whole new direction.i think providing i keep my mistakes to a minimum i might stop myself getting lapped this week lol. found mine and Justins very gentleman racing hilarious with our after you , no after you attitude to our acident and Richard just flying through between us while we waited for each other to go lol. look forward to doing another practice session with you guys again as found it alot of fun and like i said before very useful
  2. Hopefully we'll do the same this week mate, I find Gareth, Phil and Justin very helpful with setup info and I think I'm starting to understand it a bit more.
  3. Anybody know of a mid week League for F1-2011 PS3? I've had a look at the offical League but that's on a sunday night which is my main problem here....

  4. You could make your own Mid-Week League.
  5. With Monaco coming in the next few weeks lets hope we have the patch before the race, myself I find it so diffcult racing here as the framerate is so bad after a few laps my eyes are hurting me, so god knows what a 50% race will do to me, anyone else have this problem there.
  6. The concentration without anyone around you needed is immense for just 20%, never mind 50% with potentially 15 other people around you. It's going to be chaotic and yeah the frame rate doesnt help but the intense concentration is what gets me, so easy to make a mistake on any part of the track.
  7. last thursday was monaco for the league i am in with 6-6 springs rule in effect, its very tough track, the fastest time was 1.07.7xx on options with 6-6 springs so im expecting times of 4's or even 3's here with 9-9.

    the one thing that concerns me is the very tight nature of the track and ppl trying silly unrealistic moves, i made 3 overtakes in my league race and they we because someone had crashed, i was basicly stuck behidn someone until the pitstops came along and split up the field abit.

    i hope we can make it a good race as it is one of the best tracks in the game.
  8. Gutted I'm missing it :(
  9. heres a mod for all you who race with the Logitec DFGT

    i have already done it to my set and has made the brake pedal alot stiffer so feels as if you are actually braking all you need is a phillips screw driver and 2 pairs of molegrips(or pliers just easier with grips that lock) just be carefull putting you pedals back together as i had to take mine apart and re-adjust where the pedal gear located on the little motor gear inside( youll see what i mean if you do it) as couldnt open my DRS but now everything is fine and im liking my new pedals alot better,though not perfect they are definetly better than stock
  10. Nice find sandy I Know what i will be doing this afternoon, must say that was the only thing that does not feel right with DFGT, so will give this ago and hope I dont mess it up or Monaco with a pad....BAD TIMES......!!! LOL
  11. are we still using 9-9 as max springs or i can to whit setup what i want?
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  12. Thought you were using what you wanted anyway Indrek?
  13. Now that the 11-11 bug is suposed to be fixed you can use whatever set up you want untill it comes to my atention that there is still problems, which i will give a ruling on when it happens
  14. nop
  15. maybe we should ban assist to? i think evrybody hear dosent use TC,i think it would be so much more fun to go to monaco whit hevy rain and no assist
  16. Not sure about the heavy rain bit Indrek.... A reciepe for disaster....LOL. as for the Assists Indrek I think that would have to go for a vote, and people who use them need some time to practice, especially in heavy rain....!!!
  17. Brian I use a wheel stand pro with a Logitec DFGT and would highly recommend it, I brought direct and the service is superb.

    The stand is easy to use, very sturdy and comfortable, buy one your wont be disappointed mate.
  18. Well as a pad user no assists would be a joke so no im not up for that, only way i wouldnt use assists is with a wheel and i dont have the room to have the setup i would want so im stuck with a pad
  19. ill second that . i also use it with the DFGT and is the best investment ive made (after the wheel of course :p ) it is very well made and sturdy as Rich said and also fully adjustable to suit just about every seating position you could imagine ( providing your not sitting on the floor or on a bar stool;) ) look to the left at my avitar and you can see me using it:D

    on another subject im planning on opening a public room (making it public so that you can just search and join rather that invites also with it being monaco i cant see to many randoms joining) tonight about 9ish GMT which will be several races of quali and 3 laps at monaco so setups can be worked on as dont know about you lot but i definetly need to work on mine as well as get some practice:eek: