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Cars W.I.P. Nissan Skyline GT-R V-Spec (R33)

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa Modding Discussions' started by Ma7heus, Nov 4, 2016.

  1. The R33 Skyline it's the car model I have been working on recently after a long period away from 3D modeling and AC mods.

    Probably some people know that I was working on the Skyline R34 in the past. So now, besides all the experience I had with the R34, to R33 I had the assistance of a GT-R owner (MisterCognac) who helped me with some measurements from his car and feedback on the modeling progress.

    AC MOD - Starting with the 1995 GT-R V-Spec / Series 1 (Zenki)

    I consider V-Spec 1995 as a base model for other versions of R33, not only GT-R. :)
    Any suggestions are welcome
    Last edited: Nov 19, 2016
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  2. aphidgod

    Premium Member

    Looks great! Super happy to see it here, I haven't seen you around much and feared you'd stopped modding. :)
  3. Your R34 was the one that ended up in the Jap Pack, am I right?
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  4. Good to see you here Aphidgod I had stopped with mods for a few months

    Yes AccAkut it is the 34 i was working
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  5. Ohhh sexy stuff.
  6. Yippee! Can never have enough Skylines! :D Looking good. Keep up the great work.
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  7. Looking good! GTST would be good to chuck around a few of the Jap drift circuits. ;)
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  8. Nice, looking forward to see progress on this one. Hope it turns out in good hands (physics wise)!
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  9. Darth mong That's just what I was thinking. Recently I'm quite interested about drift cars I even have some ideas in mind. The GTS25T R33 looks a nice car to me. When I finish the GT-R model I'll start the GTS if everything goes well. I'm very excited about these cars. :)

    Thank you A3DR! The physics will be in good hands.
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  10. Oh dang, hoped you had a 400R in the sleeve. R33s don't get enough love, and then there was that near forgotten gem.
  11. Any hope of some bumperless/spoilerless/slightly modified missile versions of the GTST for us drifters? :p