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W.I.P. F1 1993

Discussion in 'F1 2012 Mods' started by Steven Poirier, Jan 20, 2013.

  1. Hi there,

    i've start 1993 mods, probably wont be released complete but almost of car will be done. Have a look with Ferrari :). Next one will be the Williams. Its already started, but the leg of Sonic on the side need to be done from scratch ^^.



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  2. Oh i must clean my pc . another fantastic mod in near future .....:Dso many kinds to play this game , simply wow ....:thumbsup:
  3. ML2166

    If quizzes are quizzical then what are tests?

    What happened to 1997?

    I thought you was doing a MOD for that year?
  4. Still working on it, but also for this one, for 1997 mod, i will just doing some car skin
  5. great work bro!
  6. This is awesome! Can't wait :D
  7. The Fw15 from 1993 season is finish! One of the best car of this season



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  8. Looking good! :D
  9. Anyone as an idea witch one i need to make after those car :p
  10. nice to see SEGA hehe.
  11. Mclareeen! :)
  12. Hi there, i will make a list for if someone want to make a database and language files for people want to run a career with my skin.

    Redbull ---- Minardi-Ford M193 : Vettel ---- Christian Fittipaldi
    Weber---- Fabrizio Barbazza

    McLaren ---- McLaren-Ford MP4/8: Button ---- Michael Andretti
    Hamilton ---- Ayrton Senna

    Ferrari --- Ferrari F93A: Alonso ---- Jean Alesi
    Massa ---- Gerhard Berger

    Mercedes --- Lola-Ferrari T93/30 : Schumacher ---- Michele Alboreto
    Rosberg ---- Luca Badoer

    Lotus ---- Lotus-Ford 107B: Raikkonen ---- Alessandro Zanardi
    Grosjean ----- Johnny Herbert

    Force India ---- Tyrrell Yamaha 020C: di Resta ---- Ukyo Katayama
    Hulkenberg ---- Andrea de Cesaris

    Sauber ---- Sauber C12 : Kobayashi ---- Karl Wendlinger
    Perez ---- JJ Lehto

    Toro Rosso ---- Ligier-Renault JS39 : Ricciardo --- Martin Brundle
    Vergne ---- Mark Blunden

    Williams ---- Williams-Renault FW15C: Maldonado ---- Damon Hill
    Senna ----Alain Prost

    Catherham ---- Benetton Ford B193: Kovalainen --- Michael Schumacher
    Petrov ---- Riccardo Petrese

    HRT ---- Larrousse- Lamborghini LH93: de la Rosa --- Philippe Alliot
    Karthekeyan --- Erik Comas

    Marussia --- Jordan-Hart 193: Glock --- Rubens Barrichello
    Pic ---- Ivan Capelli
  13. I could make the language file if you want it

  14. Go ahead, may be i wont make a complete mod, but if someone make some stuff to make a "complete" mod could be nice
  15. The Beautiful McLaren is finish :)



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  16. looks nice
  17. Absolutely lovely, Schifty - BUT: The Ford logo on the nose is hardly visible, maybe you can do something about that? :thumbsup:
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  18. :inlove: mmmmm'McLaren, lovely yes, but as Matthew327 says please make the Ford logo a little more defined.

    Excellent work. :)
  19. Thanks for all your comment, i will continue nest days for more car. For now i need to take care of my little girls, who was born last friday!
  20. Congratulations! All the best!