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VWSR S4: Round 4 - Mid Ohio (No Chicane)

Discussion in 'RD World Series by Renault' started by Xavier de Carvalho, May 12, 2015.

  1. [​IMG]
    Welcome to Round 4 of the VWSR Clio Cup Season 4!

    Please find the information for this round below:
    Fuel Usage: Normal
    Tyre Usage: Normal
    Mechanical Failures: Time Scaled
    Parc Fermé : Yes
    Damage: 100%
    Time Scale: Normal
    Flag Rules: Black Only
    Weather: Dry
    Assists: Auto-Clutch, ABS (Off/Low)
    Session + Briefing Info:
    This race will include 5 sessions. Before the race, there will be a MANDATORY briefing on Teamspeak. Each driver is obligated to be present there. Not being present during the briefing is reason for removal from the league.

    Drivers are not required to, but are recommended to, stay on Teamspeak once the briefing is over.

    Briefing information
    Formation lap:

    • Drivers must proceed on to the formation lap and stay in a SINGLE FILE order until after the red zone.
    • Drivers may not exceed 150km/h.
    • No weaving allowed.
    • Causing an incident on the formation lap will = No Qualifying in the next round.
    • Do not follow the car ahead too closely, give yourself no less than 2 car lengths of space between yourself and the driver ahead.
    • Do not make any sudden maneuvers!
    • Drivers may not overtake on the formation lap.
    • The race will begin for you once YOU have crossed the start/finish line.
    Yellow Zone:
    • The yellow zone will be explained further during the drivers briefing.
    • The yellow zone is only in effect during lap 1 of the race.
    • The yellow zone for this round begins at the start/finish and ends after turn 2.
    • Drivers may overtake in the yellow zone, but only under extreme caution!
    • Any incidents caused in the yellow zone will be met with a penalty.
    Red Zone:
    • The Red zone will be explained further during the drivers briefing.
    • The Red zone is only in effect during lap 1 of the race.
    • There is no Red Zone for this round.
    • Drivers may NOT overtake in the Red zone!
    • Drivers must proceed through the Red zone in SINGLE FILE order.
    • Any incidents caused in the Red zone will be met with a penalty.
    Start Procedure:
    • Drivers will follow the car in front by no less than 2 car lengths on the formation lap.
    • Once the leader is on the main straight, he will dictate the pace up until the start/finish line.
    • The race begins for you once the Green lights go out.
    • Mind the rules about the red & yellow zones.

    NOTE: Under no circumstances may any driver intentionally exploit the circuit boundaries, i.e. Cutting corners, having an intentional off track excursion, or deliberately run wide in order to gain time/position. Anyone caught doing this will be met with a severe penalty and in extreme cases, exclusion from the rest of the series. The circuit boundaries are defined by the outer most white lines of the circuit, with exception of the apexes/curbing.

    Server password: Click here

    Session Info
    5 - 10 minutes starts at 17:50 GMT
    Practice: 30 minutes starts at 18:00 GMT
    Qualification (SuperPole): 20 minutes starts at 18:30 GMT
    Warmup 1: 10 minutes starts at 18:50 GMT
    Race 1: Based on time (maximum allowed time is 15 minutes) starts at 19:00 GMT
    Warmup 2: 10 minutes starts at 19:20 GMT
    Race 2: Based on time (maximum allowed time is 25 minutes) starts at 19:30 GMT (Top 10 are reversed).

    Please note: Parc Ferme settings will apply! Various setup options will be locked after your first timed lap in qualifying. Parc Ferme rules can be found in the League Information Thread.

    This is the most important part of the briefing drivers need to understand! Since your application to drive the in league was accepted, we expect you to be present during the races for this round, unless you provide an absence report with a valid excuse to the staff. If you happen to miss out on the event and go missing in action afterwards without giving any notice the race staff reserve the rights to terminate your licensed member status on RaceDeparment.

    NOTE: All absence reports must be filled out in the ABSENCE REPORTS THREAD!

    For all other information, please go here: General Information

    Make sure you have read and understood the RD League Regualtions here.
    Note some rules may differ for this series so please read through the general information thread so that you are totally clear on the rules and regulations!

    MOD & SKINS UPDATE: Download upon server login

    - VWSR Clio Cup 2015 Car: Download

    - Croft v1.0 : Download
    - Poznan v1.0: Download
    - Mid-Ohio v2.01: Download
    - Hockenheim Ring v1.1: Download
    - Magny Cours GP v1.1: Download
    - Montreal 2013 v1.0: Download

    - Server Vmod: Download upon server login

    Team Name: MadCape Racing
    Jimi Hughes

    Team Name: RD Racing
    Frederic Schornstein
    Gijs van Elderen

    Team Name: MC Racing
    Christian Michel
    Simon Christmann

    Team Name: Free Racing
    Xavier Poirel
    Teddy Buch

    Team Name: RedShift Racing
    Rui F. Martins
    Yuri Kasdorp

    Team Name: Doreamon Racing
    James Maskell
    Stefan Woudenberg

    Team Name: Old Dutchman
    Franklin Stegerlink

    Team Name: TriRed Racing
    April Dillon
    Sky Willis**

    Apex Racing:
    Conrad Venter
    John Broadmeadow


    Jonathan Menendez
    Joao Fernandes
    Phil Shillitoe
    Steven Andrew
    Manuel Caratozzolo
    Andreas Palsson
    Andreas Oehrlich
    Manuel Caratozzolo







    - Tapio Rinneaho

    Teams & Drivers who have not been placed on the immediate list will hold a place on the reserves list. A Team or Driver may move up from the Reserves list if a Team or Driver on the immediate list becomes inactive, is banned, or is unable to participate in an event.
    Last edited by a moderator: May 13, 2015
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  2. Bul Knaters

    Bul Knaters
    Apex Racing UK

    I've never been a huge fan of this track but.it's surprisingly fun to drive in a small front wheel drive car. Looking forward to this one.
  3. Frederic Schornstein

    Frederic Schornstein
    TXL Racing Premium

    I tested on it in the FR3.5 2014 for an upcoming leauge race, that track is quite insane with such a fast car :D
  4. Hi guys,
    there is a mistake. I'm not absent at this race ;) I will race this evening :thumbsup:
  5. The race is on Friday Andreas. :)
  6. Thx, but it was just a misspell by myself. I know its on friday :redface:
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  7. Bul Knaters

    Bul Knaters
    Apex Racing UK

    There are some seriously lethal kerbs around this track. I am now extremely familiar with an upside down view of the track.
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  8. Sky


    if you don't roll it in practice you're not trying! :p

    (also, i'm going to be controversial and say i really hate this track. it has an awkward flow to it.)
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  9. James Maskell

    James Maskell
    "Remember the name! Tommy Vercetti!"

    Complete opposite here :) Well except for the last few corners, i find them really awkward to get through.
  10. Bul Knaters

    Bul Knaters
    Apex Racing UK

    Not controversial at all. This is one of my worst tracks on iracing and we've got it this week in the Indycar series. I've got Mid Ohio coming our of my ears this week.
  11. Sky


    actually i've only previously driven this track on iracing, so it adds to the weirdness factor of knowing some things are very slightly off.
  12. David O'Reilly

    David O'Reilly
    A bad quali means I can go forwards in the race.

    Unlike most tracks where a chicane was added later, here at Mid Ohio the original track had the chicane and the straight was added later (in 1990).
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  13. Rui F. Martins

    Rui F. Martins

    just ignore this post i already got what i needed :thumbsup:
  14. @Manuel Caratozzolo , Unistall previos Vmods and previous VWSR car. Latest version is v1.3
  15. Bul Knaters

    Bul Knaters
    Apex Racing UK

    I literally have no idea what was happening on the last lap of race 2 coming into the final two corners of race two. I just saw two cars either side of me and tried to hold my line as best I could...

    Race 1 was pretty good fun, sort of stayed where I qualified and just picked up a few places from other people's misfortune. Race two almost seemed like a repeat of last week. Started on pole and went backwards really quickly. The four cars ahead of me had a huge battle going into the last two laps and they inevitably came together in turn 4, I mounted a kerb to avoid them and then it seemed like the whole field turned up in my rear view mirror. It was pretty hard to figure out who was where, I know I made contact with someone in the 3rd to last corner but I've got no idea what happened. :unsure:
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  16. James Maskell

    James Maskell
    "Remember the name! Tommy Vercetti!"

    Er so lets not talk about qualy eh?:redface::cautious:

    Race 1: good start and a good fight for the first few laps and also with phil and steven, great stuff guys.:thumbsup: finished in 13th after starting last :)

    Race 2: amazing start but t2 got stuck behind teddy on exit and couldn't make the most of it but still awesome. Then i basically followed simon and tried to keep up passing people. Until i got into the battle with jimi and i couldn't get passed him for ages. I got passed by conrad but immediately got by him again. Eventually i managed to get by jimi after getting a good run through t1. It seemed to be his weakness at the time so i was really focusing on nailing t1 to try and outbrake him into t2 and it eventually worked. From then on out i was just trying to gap the group behind me which i managed to do. Looking in the mirror coming onto the main straight for the final time and seeing my team mate behind left me with a smile.

    After a horrendous qualy which meant i started last in race1 i managed to turn it into a p6 by the end of race2. I have never had such an intense race, these clios just keep on providing amazing racing.

    Thanks to all involved as usual you guys did a great job :thumbsup: See everyone next week :)
    Last edited: May 15, 2015
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  17. Yes we do ! :D P1 :geek:

    Race 1: I had only 1 opportunity to make a move on @Christian Michel. The rest of the race i could only see him take 0,1-0,2 sec a lap.
    And yes I finished Race 1. But with a few corners to go all of you were suddenly gone. :cautious:
    But that's part of the digital world. :sick:

    Race2: You can race at P2 at your own. Or start at the back and meet some people. I must say that race level at the entire grid is quite high. :thumbsup:

    BTW: I did my Round 4 practice at the wrong track. :roflmao: i'm ready for next week.
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  18. Two good races after a not so good quali, overall it was very good and the group is very competitive. Looking forward to race more here in RD.

    Good job on the broadcast :thumbsup:

    Edit: Congrats to the winners and shame about Gijs.
    Last edited: May 16, 2015
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  19. Q: Had again a stronger quali with only some smaller mistake. And in this field you are directly some spots behind losing 1 thenth. But P4 was ok on this tight grid.

    R1: Had a good start but needed to lift a bit into T1 to not cause trouble to Gijs or Jimi. In the first laps i had no problem following the guys ahead but after a few laps Jimis pace started to drop and we lost some time to Gijs and Jimi. It was hard work like always to pass Jimi. After this was done the gap to Christian was already over 6sec with Gijs only 1-2sec behind. So i could only reduce the gap to Gijs by 2sec and a tiny bit to Christian. Then poor Gijs had a dico with only 3 corner to go. So it was a bit lucky P2 at the end.

    R2: Had a good start but the middle was already blocked by Christian so a had to stay behind Teddy. The rest of the first lap i drove cautious and at the end i only won 1 place. The only good thing a saw Jimi in the lead and knew his pace will drop and he is not easy to overtake. I could follow Teddy but he got past Jimi quicker and i lost contact. In the final lap i could again only reduce the gap to the lead. But again run out of time. So P5 at the end was ok.
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