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Discussion in 'F1 2016 - The Game' started by Gopher04, Aug 27, 2016.

  1. Gopher04

    Old But Not Obsolete Premium

    Anyone worked out what we are supposed to do when the virtual safety car is active?
    Everytime I try to work out what speed I'm suppose to do, a AI comes flying past me.
  2. Frank

    Administrator Staff Premium

    Keep your delta in the green, you can see it in the right top.
  3. In real F1 their cars get a speed limiter like in the Pits right? Why dont we?
  4. Thorrior

    Captain Stupid

    I don't think so. Today at the Spa GP when the SC was out, Alonso informed his crew on the radio that his delta display didn't work. And to be sure he was within the allowed time he was trying to follow the car infront of him.
  5. Ah yeah indeed, I heard that aswell hmm.. Imma go search about VSC a bit
  6. VSC force you to keep the gap from the car in front by lapping at a precise lap time.
    Under VSC period the race is freezed as the real SC was out but without the disadvantage of losing all the gap with the cars behind you.
  7. Thorrior

    Captain Stupid

  8. Right. The rule is as you say, but the result is that drivers slow down and don't change gap between them.
    SC packs the cars into one snake and reset the race gaps
  9. Thorrior

    Captain Stupid

    Here's a link to the official FIA sporting regulations for F1. I couldn't find anything about drivers have to maintain the gap to the other drivers. It just says they're not allowed to overtake on the track and have to stay within a certain lap time.

  10. It's just logic. If drivers have to keep a precise pace the gap between them can't change. I saw a couple of times this year drivers complain about the driver behind who get closer
  11. Thorrior

    Captain Stupid

    But there is still a margin. The gaps between the drivers are not fix. If the FIA says don't go faster than let's say 2:00:00 and the fron running car drives 2:02:00 and the following drivers is a second quicker but still in above the set time, than he will close the gap to the car in front of him. It's not like a full course yellow in WEC where the cars slow down to 80 kmh and therefore maintain the gap between them.
  12. You are right, but actually no one want to slow down more than required.